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Living in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam – My 7 Essential Tips

Moving to Vietnam Was Very Difficult For Me I wasted a ton of time and money simply because I landed in a city I had no prior experience with. In contrast, moving to and ...

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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Handle Location Independence

I've actually not lived in America for over 5 years. Only going home every 12 to 16 months to visit family back in New England. Way back in 2010 when I was working a ...

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Zenfone 3: 4 Reasons Why It’s Been My Daily Driver Since 2016!

I just bought a new phone for myself and I have to admit, it's the same exact phone I had bought before back in 2016, the Zenfone 3. I got the Zenfone 3 after ...

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How Bitcoin turned my friend From Broke as a Joke into a Half Millionaire

Bitcoin Riches Let me tell you the story of a close friend, a daring idiot who took enormous risk, did handstands on the proverbial ring of fire and is now sitting with a cool ...

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strongest beer in the world

So What’s The Strongest Beer in The World Like?

Snake Venom by Brew Master is The Strongest Beer in The World Is it any good? So I tried this crazy beer while I was in Shenzen China visiting a friend. I was casually ...

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How To Become a Digital Nomad

If you're young and penniless you have by far the best chance of anyone else to become a happy and successful digital nomad. As a young person you have no obligations to anyone ...

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Chiang Mai vs Bangkok

I've lived in both so it's always enjoyable to listen to the perspective of others with regards to where to live as a digital nomad (I hate that word. Please give me ...

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11 Reasons To Quit Playing Video Games

We all have our vices and addictions. Video games is a pretty lame one if you ask me, but it's a personal problem I've had to deal with and I know a lot of ...

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