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Visit The Taj Mahal – Why You Need To Go & How To Get There!

The Taj Mahal is a very big, very beautiful temple of remembrance Emphasis on the BIG part, this surprised me more than anything at just how huge this building is. The Taj Mahal. It was ...

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Life Without Attachment: To See Clearly is To Be the Outsider

Live a Life Without Attachment It allows you to see things as they are and not let your previous experiences color your view. True to form though, when moments of stress and difficulty arrive - ...

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Being Friends with an EX is Impossible

A close friendship with an ex is impossible It’s terrible idea for your mental health and well being. It stops you from dealing with the new reality that your ex is your past and ...

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Why Bad Ideas Can’t Tolerate Being Debated

When I was a teenager, my dad used to watch the Glen Beck show. The Glen Beck show was a crazy show for idiots as far as I was concerned so I was curious ...

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8 Things ALL Women Need in a Man

I've Dated Thai girls, Vietnamese Girls, that one Kenyan girl, a French girl, and a Korean Girl This content is based on my experiences from having relationships with various women from different countries. Each ...

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