Zenfone 3: 4 Reasons Why It’s Been My Daily Driver Since 2016!

I just bought a new phone for myself and I have to admit, it’s the same exact phone I had bought before back in 2016, the Zenfone 3.

I got the Zenfone 3 after owning the Zenfone 2 for a year back in 2015, which for all intents and purposes was a piece of junk. Battery died after a few hours, it got way to hot from normal operation and the only advice I could find online was to:

  • Remove apps
  • Turn the brightness all the way down

This was pretty lame advice because you buy a phone to be able to do all the cool stuff a phone is supposed to do. What’s the point of this device if you have to throttle it in all the critical areas of use?

Then stepped in the premium looking Zenfone 3:

A 5.5 inch screen, long battery, premium display for watching videos and the music.

Music sounds simply amazing on the Zenfone 3 and I have no idea why.

This device is also not super long like a lot of smart phones are going these days. I like the form factor on this thing because it fits perfectly well in my back pocket and did not protrude out like the newer Zenfone 4 did.

Here is my old 5.5 inch model:

This thing lasted me a solid 2 years before it began slowly falling apart. I obviously did not help it by dropping it a few times. You can see the back Gorilla Glass cracked.

When I was stepping out of a van in Bangkok the rubbery earbud wires got stuck on a the head rest part of a seat as I was stepping out and I literally threw my phone with some decent force out in front of me by accident. I was so lucky to have only broken the back and not the front.

After that unfortunate incident, this thing began to slowly break overtime. The first thing to go was that the headphone jack stopped working. As someone who listens to music and podcasts this was a huge issue. Luckily, my girlfriend bought me some Air Pods for my birthday so I was back to being able to use the phone for audio but boy did I miss that quality sound this phone produces.

Time To Buy a New Phone

So Christmas has rolled around and deals on tech are numerous. It was a good time to get a new phone.

I really wanted to get the same exact phone again, the Zenfone 3, 5.5 inch screen. This thing is the perfect size for most men. It’s a bit fat like a piece of toast and feels good to hold. The battery lasts a long time, it has a premium look to it, great music and it’s not LONG.

I know I keep harping on this, but why do they keep making phones so long? I need something that can fit in my pocket. I’m not a woman or a soy boy walking around with a purse.

But, I was out of luck. The 5.5 inch model is no longer in production. Instead they make a slightly smaller model that has a 5.2 inch screen. You can take a look below at the size difference:

Zenfone 5.5 compared to to the 5.2 inch model
My new Zenfone 3 vs my old one
The Zenfone 5.2 on the left and my old Zenfone 5.5 on the right.

The only real difference between the two that I’ve noticed since using the phone for the past month or so is that the screen is obviously not as big and generous as before but also the battery life is a bit less.

Nothing crazy mind you, but the Zenfone 3 5.2 inch model has a smaller battery. Where at the end of the day my old phone would still be around 35% charged, my newer and smaller model would be around 22%.

So Dave, what are the 4 reasons why you love this phone?

1 – Form factor – Again, it’s small but not too small.

2 – It looks gorgeous – I get a lot of compliments and questions about this phone to be honest. That midnight blue and silver makes this one cool, sleek looking device. Let everyone else run around with their ugly, plastic white phones from Samsung or Google.

3 – Music – The biggest selling point. Music sounds simply amazing on this thing.

4 – Contrarian – I don’t like to follow the crowd obviously.

Commonly asked questions:

Is this waterproof?

No it’s not. I mean, you can use it outside if it’s raining and what not. I’ve done that before, but you’re not going to be swimming underwater with this thing!

What is the camera like?

It’s old school. It has a single 16 mega pixel camera on the front and an 8 mega pixel front facing camera.

I would describe the camera as adequate. You’re not going to be able to compare it to an IPhone but I just don’t care. As an online content creator I have camera, the Canon 200D. When I want to upload nice pics to say Instagram, I’ll use my 200D before I would use my phone. I just want a phone with a good enough camera and that is this phone.


I bought the same phone two times in a row. What is your perfect phone? We all have different requirements and checklists of our own. For me it was something that was good looking, functional, great music and decent photos.

If I could improve anything, it would be to keep the same 5.5 inch body as the phone had before with an upgraded camera.

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