YouTube Comments: What It’s Like To Get Hate and Love

Women Lose Their Power in Their 30’s -NOOOO THEY DON’T

This video (now private – I got bored of the comments ha) was actually published a year ago, got a ton of attention. I deleted it to re-upload a better version in that did not have obnoxious music playing over Jordan Peterson.

The premise of the video is that a woman’s sexual market value peaks in her 20’s and for guys it peaks in their 30’s. This often blindsides attractive girls because they’re too good for most guys they meet. Until they aren’t anymore. They get to an age where men are simply not interested in forming a long term relationship with them.


My fault, I’m still new to making videos and I really appreciate feedback and act on it.

The second time it was uploaded, it was ignored by the YouTube algorithm and basically performed as well as most of my videos.

It got 30 views, then died.

There is a lesson there. Your videos are at the mercy of an algorithm. Why did it do so well the first time around but get ignored the second time? Only the YouTube gods know.

But Jordan Peterson then did an interview about casual sex with VICE

Because of that, a spike in people searching for Jordan Peterson and casual sex happened which resulted in my video about Jordan Peterson getting a ton of views which then led to my “women lose their power” video to again getting 1000 views a day.

The comments, oh the comments

So my experience with YouTube comments is that a minority will take the time to write, think and criticize. Resulting in comments that are clever, humorous or moving.

Most will leave simple generic comments that either agree with the video premise or it will be full of vitriol and condemnation of the harshest sense.

// Some YouTube comments were particularly amazing:

Girls start having sex at 15ish when the hormones kick in. From my grandmother to now, my family has owned over 100 rental units and many were long term tenants. I’ve watched young couples move in, have their children and have even had those children move in when they marry. One thing I did notice.. and perhaps because my area was mostly Catholic, was that about half the girls would get pregnant by the time they turned 16. Of course, these days those numbers have changed because of birth control and abortion. Since a girl now has pretty much full control of pregnancy, there is a new freedom for them and we now have the situation where girls are not marrying because of their taste for continued sexual experiences.

It has also been my experience, based on numerous conversations with older, single mothers, that their choice to have a child out of wedlock was because, at 35-40, they could not find a suitable husband and the urge to birth was strong. Sorta like the swan song syndrome. As a child, I saw an apple tree loaded down that more apples than I had ever seen. My father was also impressed that he commented his observation to the homeowner. The man said that the tree was on its swan song and was probably going to die and that it was popping fruit like crazy in the hopes that a fallen apple might take root. The following year the tree was dead – obsolete professor

// and this:

This is good advice. I think the missing piece causing a lot of salty tears on both sides is that there are essentially 2 types of sociosexual traits in people: those who are oriented toward casual sex (unrestricted sociosexuality) and those oriented toward stable relationships. It would be great if the unrestricted men and women could make themselves known and sort themselves out leaving the other group alone.

But the restricted sociosexuality types aren’t off the hook either: they tend to be drawn to the unrestricteds because the unrestricteds tend to be edgy, sexually experimental, confident, have fewer sexual hang-ups, are more sexually competent and quite frankly are typically seen as “hotter” and more exciting by both sexes. I think people should be honest about which type they are (there is a questionnaire one can take) and what kind of person they tend to be attracted to or attract; and then adjust accordingly if thinking about one day having a family. –orangecat999

// and this – awesome comment 🙂

This is why we are going towards a future world where Women just buy their sperm on catalogue, from men who all look like models and are offering it in an online store, Whenever they’re ready. Whereas all other men will just be discarded and thrown to the wayside. this is the world that Neo-feminism is creating. God help us all.tentimetex

Can You Handle The Heat?

Most of the hate comments we’re fairly sophmorish. Like calling me a douchebag, tool or an idiot etc. But I really enjoy this whole process and it’s what keeps me making videos because engagement even with a negative tilt is fun.

What was also fun was that the community would jump in to defend me from such comments that were just mean spirited.

YouTube videos and YouTube comments are a good exercise in learning how to handle negative comments and opinions. The best way to handle comments is to really just open your self up and expose yourself to criticism. You’ll initially be hurt and offended. You’ll want to defend yourself with logic and what not but it’s all a waste of time. As people are simply trying to annoy and hurt you with words

Either respond with a pithy, clever reply or say nothing at all.

If it’s genuine criticism, even with a harsh tilt, respond with a simple thanks and you’ll be surprised by how quickly the tone of the commentor will change.

Never reduce yourself however to their level. Responding with insults and personal attacks. It simply makes you look like a fool. Stay above the fray. Smart and clever or nothing at all.

Lastly, don’t be so arrogant to think you can’t learn anything though.

Some comments, while mean spirited may contain a bit of helpful advice which you can take and implement on:

Honestly why would u put music behind this? It’s so nonsensical I can’t even believe it.. Jordan Peterson is talking. Turn off the damn music. Listening silently and intently is the only way to respect the gravity of what he is saying. Chill out music in the background just doesn’t belong here in any way whatsoever.Philip Zilfo

In this respect, this was extremely helpful because as this was one of my first videos, it’s not as easy as you think finding quality music and when to use said music. You’ll need to simply need to make mistakes and learn. Be thankful for people who take the time out of their day to tell you when they think you screwed up, even if it’s a bit harsh.