Cambodia Visa Run – How To Get Your Thai Tourist Visa The RIGHT Way

I totally f*cked up my last visa run

I did not budget enough time for my visa run in Cambodia, had to cancel my flight and had to stay a whole extra weekend simply because all the information online about getting a Thai tourist visa in Cambodia is dated. All in all I spent about 400 dollars more than I had anticipated.

Oh well, that weekend I had a great time exploring Phnom Phen, meet a girl (see the video) who ended up visiting me for a month in Thailand and I re-learned a valuable lesson:


Look, for whatever reason in Cambodia it takes 3 business days to get a Thai tourist visa. Sure you’ll find guides that say you can go somewhere like Lucky Motorcycle and they can process your visa in 2 days but that was not the case for me. The Cambodian woman said her “contact” at the embassy could not get expidited visas anymore. So it was impossible for me to get my visa on Friday, I had to wait until Monday.

So if you’re planning on doing a visa run in Cambodia budget 3 days to get your Thai tourist visa.

If you’re looking for countries that do it faster you can check out Vietnam or Myanmar. They offer next day delivery.

Honestly though, I always like to make a trip out of it anyways so taking a mini 4 or 5 day trip is actually quite fun.

Visa Run Cambodia: How to Get Your Thai tourist visa in Cambodia

I’m American, so I can only write about getting a visa from that perspective. I needed:

  • My passport
  • A bank statement – NOT a Thai bank account, a bank account from the USA
  • Proof of a flight OUT of Thailand
  • Visa application and fee (you need 4×4 pictures of course)
  • Done.

You can visit the embassy yourself and apply OR you can simply ask your hotel staff for help. You will see online that a lot of people recommend a specific agency but you don’t need to go to any one agency.

I was told Lucky Motorcycle was the place to go, but they failed to deliver on the 2 day promise I read online. Not their fault, but that’s why I’m making this little write-up so people don’t fly in on Wendseday, thinking they will get their visa on Friday and have a flight pre-booked for Saturday night like me.

I stayed at the Quay Boutique Hotel (60 USD a night), the staff their offered to take care of my visa for me and next time i’m in Cambodia I’ll go that route. I’m sure you could ask the staff at any hotel to see what your options are. I suggest this route because it is pretty dang convenient.

You simply give all the documents outlined above, check back in 3 business days to pick up your visa and go enjoy your trip in Cambodia.

So that’s how you do a visa run right in Cambodia! Be prepared, have all your documents ready and have the hotel staff or an agency apply for your tourist visa on your behalf while you enjoy Cambodia.

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