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8 Reasons Why Connecticut Sucks

Monday, July 9, 2018

I'm From Connecticut (Southington) and I think Connecticut Sucks - Here's 8 Reasons Why I was watching this YouTube video of Joe Rogan talking about why Connecticut sucks and I nearly spit my coffee  ...

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Extend Your Visa at Bangkok Immigration (Get 90 Days!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Extend a Tourist Visa in Bangkok So you got a two month tourist visa and want to extend it another 30 days. How exactly do you do that in Bangkok? It's not too difficult ...

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South Korea Travel Blog: 3 Things You’ll love (AND HATE!)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

I love Korea So far it's been one of my favorite countries to visit. Yes, this is in part to me dating a Korea girl BUT the country is really nice. After a few ...

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7 Signs You’re a Bad Traveler

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I'm by no means a world traveler But i'm a better traveler than most, particularly Americans and Chinese (I'm American btw). I only say this because Chinese and Americans are some of the most ...

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Thai Visa Run in Seoul South Korea

Monday, April 23, 2018

I've done quite a few visa runs Cambodia, Vietnam and now South Korea. Note, I went here on the 23rd of April, 2018. So as this post ages, things may change. My one month trip ...

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Transferwise – A Bank Transfer Service You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Thursday, January 4, 2018

I love Transferwise For Transfering Money Abroad I found Transferwise through a random comment on a Quora post. Not that this is not paid content or anything like that, I just really like the ...

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