Why The “Right” Way is Actually The Wrong Way

Trump is being sworn in as the 45th president as I write this.

I know you’re supposed to not “date” blog posts because they will become totally irrelevant right? But I want people to find this post in a few years and understand the context.

Half the population is freaking out, protesting, setting fires and breaking shit (tolerant liberals!), the other half is celebrating or is simply is indifferent and staying silent like myself. I politically support Trump over Clinton, BUT for all intents and purposes, I’m a centrist and don’t identify with either side very well and don’t feel like putting up with the hysteria I see from my friends on Facebook by stating a preference for Trump:


It’s so interesting to me how there is such ferocity against Trump, but where was this ferocity for Clinton to put her in office? Her events were dead, where Trump had fully engaged rallies.

Support him or hate there are many life lessons to be learned from his victory over Hilary Clinton. Here are  two I’ve been reflecting on.

Life Lessons That Standout The Most

The Right Way is The Wrong Way

You know, I struggled for years and years to make any sort of money online. It really got to me after awhile because I could see other people having big sites, getting comments, quitting jobs, and selling products on Amazon and i’m just over here thinking, WTF. I’m doing everything right! Why is this not working god damn it!!!

The right way is the wrong way.

Back when I worked at PwC almost a decade ago, I was miserable with the life I had built and was ready to smash it down.

I had way more money than I needed, I had a nice apartment with my girlfriend and I had a job where I worked all day (12+ hours) doing high level work. It was the sort of position others envied because I had the trappings of success and I was on a fast track to a high level position in my 30’s. I had done everything I was supposed to do to be happy and successful according to the media, society and the expectations of my family.

So why was I living a life of quite desperation as a 23 year old?

The right way is the wrong way.

The right way is always the wrong way when you’re looking to achieve success on your terms. If the “right way” was in fact correct we would all be successful in the way we want it.

The right way is the way of the PwC employee, the lawyer, the nurse, the nine to fiver who lives for the weekends in actuality. If that’s what you want, if that’s where you excel, go for it. There is nothing wrong with jobs. Most of them suck, but if you find yourself doing work you find value in, where you making a contribution, then that’s all one can really ask for.

Men are like that if you’ve noticed. Even in menial jobs, we can find purpose if we’re treated with respect and dignity.

But if you’re looking to do something else, your own thing, it’s painful. There is no map, there is no “thing” you should do. Mark Twain said it best:

“It ain’t what you don’t know that get’s you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

The right way is the wrong way. Instead of being jealous driven, powered with envy. Wanting to throw bricks through windows, wanting to send hateful emails. Stop and think, HOW is this person winning.

Conflict Marketing Gets Attention

This has been apparent for some time. Actually it’s been pretty obvious for years. I’m not a conflict oriented person. I’m conciliatory by nature. So I have a bit of a hangup with being outrageous and belligerent with a bit of charm and sarcasm thrown in.

It’s not my nature, yet I can see how being controversial garners attention. Going against a commonly held idea sincerely  is a great way to become a leader.

Trump rode the wave of conflict because society was not used to masculinity. Of a man not actually backing down and being shamed and instead, someone who actually plays the identity politics game better and fights back.

You know atheism?

Saying something like religion is stupid today, or having a job is risky, or the vegan diet is the best diet are not too controversial anymore.

But 10 years ago these statements were huge bombs to throw.

Steve Pavlina wrote 10 years ago about why you should not have a religion and why you should not have a job. These were hugely popular posts back in the day. Getting Steve tens of thousands of visitors to his website.

But to write a content like that today?


It’s about as interesting as talking about the different ways to tie your shoes 🙂


The ideas are now more mainstream. People are less religious now and more people “get” the troubles behind having your faith in a company.

But supporting Trump?

That was controversial because anti-Trumpers are so vocal and threatening. How could you ever support Trump or have the audacity to think he could even win and become president.

You’re obviously a racist, woman hating white nationalist Nazi who is afraid of minorities.

But it’s this sort of bombastic attitude the populace is growing tired of. Some are easily cow toed into thinking ridiculous things about Trump and instead of understanding the context and just using it as cannon fodder for your identity politics play. This is called group think.

Even my 20 year old niece removed me as a friend on Facebook simply because I parlayed the thoughts of Scott Adams on Trump (who has also suffered repercussions for not proclaiming that Trump is the next Hitler).

Trumps rise and win was a result of conflict marketing. At the core of conflict marketing is to simply violate peoples expectations.

Look to the future. What are some ideas where group think has sunk in and to proclaim a different idea would ignite indignation?

That’s your rocket to popularity.

For a good related book, check MAGA Mindset. It’s about learning the the culture and media, mindset and habits that led Trump to his victory and the lessons you can learn and apply for your life.

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