How To Put Up With Rude, Stupid People

You will have to defend your piece of mind against stupid people.

If you’ve spent anytime outside, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not saying anything new.

Stupidity comes in many forms. It’s the arrogant doucebag who thinks they’re better than you. This person will never go away in your life no matter how far up the food chain you go. It’s the asshole who thinks they’re right when it’s so obvious they’re wrong. To hell with evidence, it’s better to defend a foolish position than to admit defeat. It’s the self absorbed person who never considers another point of view.

These stupid people attacking your mental well being.

Here’s how to defend yourself:

Stay calm, reasonable and in control of your emotions. Being a dickhead as retaliation is not going to result in anything other than a pointless escalation with a stupid person. I’m not saying there will never be a time for a physical altercation, but only an equally stupid person gets into fights over trivial bullshit.

Example: An inebriated traveler shoves me out of the way on a sky train and has the confusing audacity to say I’m rude for being in his way. An older, crusty American with his low class prostitiute by his side (the locale is Thailand). My two options are to argue and get into a fight, or to difuse the situation.

My girlfriend at the time however was a total hot head, almost setting things. I said a few stern words, some guys you can tell are not actually willing to fight. He was one of them. We were able to “start over” by simple having small talk.

This infuriated my girlfriend who became incensed that I would talk to him. Her attitude was that people like that need to learn that their behavior is bad. My attitude is that yes you’re right but it’s night, I want to go home and I want to protect my girl. Fighting needlessly won’t accomplish this.

I was successful as we went home with no problem. Which leads my to my first way to defend yourself against rude, stupid people.


Pity people like this. Pity stupid people. Pity rude people.

Pity them because they don’t have the skills to be successful. You work with an asshole? You have to deal with someone who does not treat you the way you should be treated? You work with a guy who is lazy and does not pull his weight?

Pity them.

It’s so easy to not get angry; it’s so easy to protect your peace of mind through adopting this mindset. It’s so easy to brush them off your proverbial shoulder.

You will be in a better position soon enough in life. They will continue to struggle. They will become that fat 50 year old who’s life never came into focus. THAT WON’T BE YOU, because you’re not stupid.

This leads me to my next idea:


Do the work, become better, low class is a choice.

You can’t find motivation for things you don’t want to do, so focus on developing your skill set in an area that interests you and get out there. I already wrote about this in 19 things no one tells 19 year olds:

“Your ability to work and deliver results is the basis of how valuable you will be in a market economy. That means, you have to be really good at what you do in order to command a high income for your services.

That means, don’t go to school for accounting just because you want to get a job and make money (if this is you, ambition is what you need) or attempt to become something you perceive as cool like a graphic designer or interior designer if you’re not 100% sure that you can be world class in that career field.

If you fail to heed this advice what will happen is pretty simple. You will be fired from your accounting or finance job because you don’t have the passion or interest to excel at it. You will be a mediocre graphic designer with no clients, struggling to find work because you did not take into account that NO ONE CARES about your GPA or your degree once you’re done with school. It’s all about results. End of fucking story.”

It’s not a matter of being alpha or beta, playing offense or defense.

It’s about rising above as a man (or woman) to a place where that sort of low class behavior, fighting over stupid things with stupid people who disturb you is no longer a match for you because you’re not low class. You protect yourself from these people. Why? Because…

You’re high class. You’re a top performer.

You got important work to do and losing your peace of mind, patience and sense of well being to the stupid people in your life is just not acceptable.

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