Soyboys – Are You Low T Like The Try Guys?

The Try Guys are ALL suffering from Low-T

Who are the Try Guys? A Buzzfeed comedy troupe that makes videos on the YouTube. This is the least “gay” picture I could find of them. Nothing wrong with being gay or anything, I just don’t want you to think I’m pointlessly making fun of them:

try guys


They made a video on trying to discover who is the most attractive of the group based on science. Part of this was discovering who had the highest T-levels, the implication that the man with the highest T-Levels is the most masculine. These are their levels:


These are what their levels should be if they are a healthy adult male:

Their levels are less than half of what they should be for a man. Ned’s levels are so low he is clinically low-t and should be put on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Low T

What shocked me most was how these guys appeared to be happy and healthy guys. I’m obviously not going to speculate about their personal lives, but with pathetic testosterone levels like these it’s really difficult to feel your best – and I can say that from first hand experience.

Look, I’ve always be a relaxed, easy going guy. I’ve never been a “high energy” dude, but I noticed a change in how I felt when I became fat. Not too fat, but fat for me. I was needing to sleep for 9 hours a day, I stopped having morning erections and I could not focus. My mind would be foggy, making creative work difficult to start and complete.

So much so I bought Modafinil from an Indian pharmacy to help me focus.

It never occured to me that my testosterone levels were low, but after reading about the symptoms I decided to get some blood work done and fat me at 180 lbs had T levels of 560 – the same as a 55 year old man.

No wonder I felt like crap! Instead of doing something drastic like going on TRT, I really decided to stop being fat:

Once I got my health back in order through weight training, intermitent fasting and cutting out all milk and sugar in my diet I got back into shape. I had my levels checked again when I was a healthy 166 lbs and they were 690.

Now I am NOT saying that you can boost your T-levels naturally because I have no idea if you can. There are things you can do to optimize your T-levels and there are things you can do that are detrimental to your levels.

What annoyed me the most about the Try Guys videos was how they glossed over these clinically low T levels. Guys, it’s not normal and not OK to have such low levels. This is all I can really write on the subject, but to make this useful, here is some helpful content from around the web you need to read if you’re a man, particularly if you’re approaching 30:

Iron and Tweed:

My Low T Journey: One of the most compelling pieces on the web of a man doing everything right (weight training for years, proper diet) and still quietly suffering from low T. It’s a three part series. Read, enjoy and learn from Nate.

Danger and Play:

TRT by Mike Cernovich – Cernovich has published some insightful content on TRT, hormones, how to take testosterone, things you can do to boost your T levels etc. Mike Cernovich has numerous blog posts and podcasts on the subject and has since created a dedicated TRT page on

Bold and Determined:

Why Your Testosterone Levels are Lower Than You Think – This is from a few years back written by Nick Kelly aka Victor Pride. This is the post that pushed me over the edge (no pun intended) to get some blood work done because Nick takes an unpopular stance and says YOU HAVE LOW T, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU DON’T YOU PROBABLY DO. I agree with him.


Unlike the stupid Try Guys video that equates testosterone with being a manly man, it’s really about feeling your best so you can be that go-getter. I would start by reading and at least familiarizing yourself with testosterone and how important it is, even if you feel great.

For those of you who are not feeling your best, who are feeling sluggish, anxious, have a foggy mind and a tough time getting in shape. Consider getting blood word done and really find out what your T levels are. Once I did that, I knew my T-levels were a problem. Not THE problem, but a symptom of my being out of shape in my 30’s.  I mention being in my 30’s because your T levels start to decline as it is in your 30’s.

Thanks for reading, till next time.


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