So What’s The Strongest Beer in The World Like?

Snake Venom by Brew Master is The Strongest Beer in The World

Is it any good?

So I tried this crazy beer while I was in Shenzen China visiting a friend. I was casually dating dating this Chinese girl I meet while in Thailand and things just worked out for me to visit China and my friend Scott.

So we went to a bar and there it was,  a bottle of Snake Venom. 67.5% alchohol. It’s no joke boys and girls.

We had already has two beer with dinner prior to this but this was the first time I’ve actually seen this ridiculous product in person and had to try it.

China has some of the worst food I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously, Korea is outstanding for food so is Japan obviously Thailand is world famous and Vietnam is a secret gem.

But China? Damn their food is horrible.

But their local beer? Oh, they have some of the best beer around. 10x better than any other country in Asia. Maybe Cambodia would be a solid rival to China.

This is obviously not a Chinese beer, but they are professionals at drinking so I’m not surprised to see this here.

Anyways, the two of us pooled our money together to try out this beer and see what it is like and to be honest, it’s not “bad” and it will get you drunk fast. With just two shots, I was drunk. The girl I was with was done after one shot.

My friend is a 6ft 2 inch 220 lbs man and even this drink put him on his ass after four rounds of this.

What does it taste like?

Pure poison ! It tastes horrible and it reminds me of another popular drink in China, Baiju.

As you can see on the bottle this stuff is cheap and it’s strong (56%). Chinese men like to drink this with dinner and use it as a sort of a pissing contest between who is the manliest of men.

I’ve honestly never been so intoxicated in my life after drinking Baiju. The first time I had this was in Thailand with a group of Chinese teachers and I ended up sleeping on the floor, waking up at 4 am, feeling good enough to drive my motorcycle home. This stuff made me so intoxicated I realized in my drunken state that I could not safely get home. 

Luckily I was in a small town and my apartment was only a 10 minute drive away but still. That’s how bad felt. I would rather sleep on the floor and sober up than risk it.

As a westerner, our strong drinks are whiskys and wines with the occasional “strong beer” of 10%. By the time you’re an adult, you know yourself and know how much you can handle and when you should stop with drinks you’re familiar with.

Since Baiju was a new thing I tired, it snuck up on me. Snake Venom beer is in the same sort of style as this. Over powering fruity aroma and a despicable taste that is tough to get down. Boy am I great at selling this stuff! 

When you pour it into a glass it looks more like a whisky than a beer but the actual taste is just overpowering alcohol like Baiju. I guess you could pour it over ice, but who the heck drinks beer with ice except for Thais!

Drink Snake Venom Beer With a Group

This is not designed for individual consumption. I would strongly suggest drinking Snake Venom beer in much the same way Chinese drink Baiju. Get a small group of 2 or 3 friends. Get some food and take shots of this stuff together.

By shot I don’t mean to pour Snake Venom into a shot glass, I just mean that you should pour a shots worth into a cup and down it in one go.

You will not like the taste of this.

It will be a struggle to drink.

After three rounds you will probably be really drunk.

But it’s fun and weird. You’ll have a stupid story to tell other people or blog about like me 🙂

Would I try Snake Venom again?

With a group of friends, this could be a sort of once a year thing I could do. To anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a big drinker and actually did not drink until I was 28 years old simply because I always had crappy piss yellow beer so I just thought naively that’s what all beer was generally like.

Snake Venom by Brew Master is just one of those things you got to try.