How To Still Look Good into Your 30’s as a Man

Why Are You Old But Still Handsome?

Spent a month in Korea with her. She’s 25, I’m 34. Chinese and Koreans love this cat filter! Yes I look stupid. No I don’t care.

FIRST, I don’t think I’m hot shit.

No I don’t think I’m some male model.

No I don’t think I’m soooooo dang handsome.

I’m just a guy who’s aged well.

With that out of the way, it’s story time.


I got this quote from a 22 year old girl I meet at a night club while out with friends who I later slept with that night. She really did not believe that I was 35.

27, 28, 29, sure. But mid 30’s NO WAY.

She had never been with any guy over 30 and as most young girls think, 30+ is old.

You’re supposed to be fat, bald,  tired looking and wrinkly.

…and for a lot of guys, that’s reality. But it does not have to be.

30 Year Old Men – The Dirty Secret

The dirty little secret of skin care for 30 year old men is that most guys, if they take care of themselves, age well and can often times be more attractive in their 30’s than in their 20’s. This is what I talked about in my most popular video on YouTube (opens in a new tab).

If a guy takes care of himself and becomes successful he will have a ton of choice with women. He will be equivalent to a 24 year old girl in terms of his sexual market place value.

I know that has been the personal case for me.

Ever since I hit 30, I’ve had more opportunities and access to attractive 20 something year old girls than I ever did as a 20 something myself. I know a lot of you reading this, will say 22 or whatever is too young, but men value youth and beauty.

My 33 year old sister thinks even a 25 year old is too young for me, but I don’t care. It’s OK when she’s 19 to date a 29 year old, but not OK if I do it. Oh she learned from her mistake she will say.


The thing is, women hate when men refuse to serve the feminine imperative. I’ve meet plenty of attractive 30 year old women, no problem. But if I have a chance with a lovely 25 year old Korean girl I should say no because she’s to young?

Yea right!

Lift weights, eat right, sleep well, supplement smartly and do a couple other things to keep your body, mind and what’s relevant to this content, YOUR skin looking great.

Anyways I digress.

Here are my skin care for men tips:

Let’s get the basic stuff out of the way:

// Lay off the alcohol

Fun fact, I never really drank alcohol until I was about 28 years old. Before 28, I would drink maybe 1-3 beers a year. Now, I drink maybe every other weekend and when I do I’m a 1-2 beer sort of guy. In fact if I go out, my strategy is to have only 1 beer (as beer is bad for your testosterone) then switch to something else like wine or gin with soda water.

Anyways, alcohol ages you if you drink it in excess because it dehydrates your skin. If you want to look older than you are, develop a drinking habit and see what sort of personal hell that lands you in.

SO, tip number 1, make drinking a thing you rarely do if you want to stay young looking.

// Don’t Smoke

Have you ever Googled “smoking identical twins?” Well you should. If you want a strong reason to stop smoking or doing drugs in general, this is it.  One twin will look horrible and the other one will look normal. All because one twin decided to develop a smoking habit.

//Drink More Water

Every morning I drink a lot of water. I’m always very thirsty every morning. Staying hydrated will improve your complexion by leaps and bounds.

// Minimize sun exposure (and use sunscreen)

This is Cernovich’s main point and I agree! The sun is good for you, but too much will age you. Excessive sun will give you sunspots, wrinkles and skin damage if you’re not careful.

My personal experience is that you don’t need to apply sunscreen everyday. I certainly don’t but at the same time I avoid the sun as best I can. I’ll only use sunscreen if I know I’m going to be out and about in the sun for a long period of time:

Going to the beach.

A motorcycle trip.


If you’re going to be exposed to the elements, wear sunscreen. If you’re just going to be indoors mostly I would not worry about it.

Anyways, when you’re 20 years old you don’t worry about this sort of thing because I’ve been 20 and know. But I’ve never been one for going out and laying in the sun anyways and I’m so glad I was never that dumb.

// Eat Well

Your skin and hair are a reflection of your overall health. Diet is so fundamental. Lay off the sugars and dairy. Non flavored yogurt is alright because it helps promote gut bacteria, but to maintain a healthy complextion you’re going to need to meet your macros by eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

More advanced stuff

With the basics out of the way, what are some skin care tips that men can do that are above and beyond simply being responsible for your health.

//Supplement with zinc, magnesium and krill oil

Most of us are deficent in trace minerals due to soil depletion. You can simply start to supplement with some of the more important trace minerals for men. Magnesium is responsible to so many bodily functions and zinc is responsible for your hair, nail and skin health. Krill oil (I prefer it over fish oil) provides healthy fats your body and skin need.

Again, your diet has a big role in how you age and it’s always overlooked by fancy creams or stupid life hacks like. Get your nutrition squared away.

// Skin care routine (Vitamin E, Face Scrub, Pro Retinol)

Now you’re entering the world of the femimine. Have fun figuring out what you should use and what to ignore.

Alright, I’ll help.

All creams and serums are bullshit (mostly – I’ve not tried any I really like). They promise crazy things like anti-ageing and wrinkle reducing.


Creams rich in retinol and vitamin e are good preventative medicine but they can’t reverse time.

What you should start doing is taking care of your skin by using an over the counter exfoliating face scrub. Any face scrub will do, try different ones until you find something you like. Just use it in the evening when you take a shower.

Next, you’ll want some sort of vitamin e cream or something that is pro-retinol. You can just use it in the morning during your morning shower (and wash it off in the shower too) or you can get some night time cream, though I think that may be a bit much.

What I do is that every morning I take shower and then apply a vitamin e rich cream on my face, wash the rest of my body and after about a minute, rinse the facial cream off. Done. Then I turn the water cold and take a quick cold shower.

Lastly, what are my thoughts on retin-A?

Nothing really, it’s heavy duty stuff (an acid actually that can burn your skin) that requires a prescription and it’s used for severe skin conditions. I’ve never used it, so I can’t comment on it beyond that you need a prescription for it.

// CO2 Laser for sunspots

I’ve had CO2 laser treatment before as well as a few of my older friends. I went to a skin care clinic in Bangkok. Paid $50 USD to have them zap some developing sun spots on my face. As you age, sun spots are really inevitable if you’re a fair skinned white guy, but you can minimize their development which is what I did and continue to do.

But even with my best care practices, I still saw some potential spots developing and figured I would nip it in the butt now. Glad I did.

The whole process is that they simply apply numbing gel to your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then they zap the spots you want on your face with a surgical CO2 laser.

For older folks they’ll zap your whole face and you’ll be red like a tomato for a week. For me it was really just a few subtle spots.

Anyways, the recovery time for me was just 1 week. You’ll have to stay out of the sun for a week, and beyond that avoid the sun in general (which I already do).

The after a week, you’re skin will look great and will continue to improve months beyond that.

Final Words

Take care of yourself!  The choice is yours. You want to look great and have choice in your dating life or you want to be an old looking guy who has to settle in life?


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