Set Goals, Write Daily, Become a Better Version of You

I Don’t Set Goals

…and it’s a mistake.

Look, 2017 was a good year for me. I went to India, China, Koh Mak, Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai, took a trip home to visit family in Rhode Island and finally made it to a full moon party. I also started making money from and a few other web properties.


It still does not feel right. I’m out of alignment. I like to think of myself as this online dude, but I really don’t feel I put in enough time to make websitecreativepro all that it could be. A 6-20k a month business.

What courses have I created? None. What email list have I started? None. Am I going hard at building a traffic source, in this case YouTube? No. I averaged out to 1 video a week this past year. Not enough! I can be doing 4-5 videos a week if I really applied myself.

It’s really due to my propencity to live in the moment instead of saying no. While the eternal present is all we truly have, we are in fact creatures oriented toward the future. We bargain (by working hard and taking risks) with the present for a better outcome down the road.

It’s absurd if you think about it in some ways. Hoping and wishing for the satisfaction of life to come later without doing the work. The eternal present is actually all we have and I try my best to be mindful of this. To enjoy each moment (and I do)… but we can’t break our nature to have one foot always in the future.

At least I’m not like other sad saps who’ve fallen completly for the hoax that is “someday island.” When you’re not fully alive now you’re miserable. It’s even more insidious to put your hope in time, as if more and more time will make things better.

It won’t.

Life gets worse, you’ll die and things will fall apart.

All you can do is find satisfation in the present moment and work hard to bargain for a better future.

The worst thing you can do is to put your hope and faith into time.

Time won’t solve a damn thing. The years will tick by and you’ll wake up right in the same spot where you started if you’re not careful. Dramatic change can happen, life can change fast and for the better (instead of for the worse which is usually the case). I’ve seen if happen for other people. Maybe it will happen for me as well.

Or not. Probably not, my dreams don’t seem to come true. But where I am now and who I am now is better than what I was at least.

Goal Setting and Daily Writing

So I’ll set goals for 2018. Public goals because I want 2018 to be the year that life changes fast and for the better for me. Will it happen? Who knows, but I know that having goals and doing daily writing and reviewing of my goals will help keep my thoughts toward what I want.

You know how it is, you make goals but then life gets busy and you sort of get off track and forget. This is why journaling or daily writing is handy dandy. I use my tablet to jot down notes every single day and it’s been pretty helpful for helping me to organize my thoughts. I now “get” why writing is helpful in a most practical sense instead of the eloquent bullshit you read:

“Self is the essential ingredient for living an experiential, artful and beautiful life”

Huh? A word salad where you say a lot but say nothing at the same time.

My Goals + The Cost I’m Willing To Pay

I want to build into a business that is doing at least 6k a month. I will stop going out so damn much every weekend and stay home and work. I’ll continue writing here and working on, but WCP is my one and only goal.

Why just one big goal?

It will take care of a lot of smaller things if I can become someone who is making 6k+ a month. I can have a proper relationship that could lead into having a family, I will be able to get on top of my investments and retirement, I could live where ever I wanted to and so forth. I already have my health and I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life. But something I’ve always wanted but have never really achieved yet is online success.

Sure I’ve had small time success, but nothing big and life changing. I want big and life changing.

In order to do this I really need to get going on creating an email list with some sort of free giveaway, I need to get my free website setup offer in order, I need to become a lot more aggressive with YouTube and advertising and I need to create something to sell.

I’ve laid a strong foundation for WCP thus far, the site has a ton of content, it’s well organized and very helpful but I’ve not done enough to promote and drive traffic to the site. The YouTube channel for WCP has also been wonderful. While small, the sheer engagment and feedback I get, particularly when compared to the edgeofdavid vlog channel gives me a lot of confidence to know that:

This will work.

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