Debunking Productivity Hacks For Digital Nomads

Productivity Hacks, Lies and Mistakes

To build something successful as a side project you need to “do the work” as it is always put. What exactly does that mean? It means to me you need to put in 2-4 hours a day, everyday. This requires working hard and not going out. It requires saying NO, it requires sometimes YOU quitting your job. None of these things people want to hear. They want to be told what productivity hacks they can leverage. Here are some of the most annoying productivity hacks I always hear:

1) Sleep less. You can sleep when you’re dead!

Not sleeping is NOT a virtue. It’s not demonstrating how committed you are. It’s just plain dumb.  The whole not sleeping thing is sort of made famous by Gary Vaynerchuck who’s whole shtick is being super motivated, intense and competing non-stop.  He gives the impression that sleeping is a waste of time because if you’re not on it, someone else is. Yea but you still need to sleep dude!

We all know this guy. The insane guy who stays in the office all day. Who has a totally unbalanced life. Most of us are not wired this way and you should not feel guilty if you’re not like that. You do need to do the work, but you do need to get enough sleep.

// I’m here to tell you that YES, you do need to sleep.

If you want to be productive with your time at least. The best time to work is early morning. That is when your mind is fresh, you’re also constrained by time since you’ll have to go to work, making you actually work and not waste time.

Save the evenings for work that requires less brain power and go to bed early so you can wake up early. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll work 2-3 hours in the morning then 2-3 hours after work. You won’t. Unless you’re in your 20’s. Which is all the more reason why you need to get started when you’re young.

2) I just need to work harder!

You need to put in the time. No other way it’s going to happen unless you make it happen. BUT, don’t feel guilty and beat yourself up for not working hard enough. We are not machines. We have limited energy and focus. While some SAY to work in the morning and evening, did they really do that? No. What people say and what people do often do not match.

Why? We’re liars. We give the answer we think people want to hear.

// The brutal truth is this:

You may need to quit your job or take up a job that will require you to work a bit less.

You must free up a few hours, 3 hours ideally if you want to build out  a website that can make money.

3) Maintain high energy levels through proper diet and exercise

You’ll also need to make time for diet and exercise. The easy part is that diet is 80% of the equation. For exercise though, you only need to find 3 hours on to work out per week, but if you can at least get your diet in order by cutting out breads, sugars and milk and increasing your vegetable intake (raw, no salad dressing) you’ll start to radically change your body composition and you’ll start to feel way better.

I know from personal experience when I was out of shape for a time, I was lethargic and I need to sleep way to much. I had no energy and I also had difficulty focusing. These symptoms were from lower testosterone levels simply because I was fat. Once I lost the weight, going from a 178 lbs to a leaner 167 at 15% body fat I was back to my normal self. My testosterone levels also went up from 560 to 700.

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