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How Disappointing People Keeps You Sane

I was speaking with my brother on Facebook a few days ago, apparently one of his childhood friends drank himself to oblivion. Dead at 36. He leaves behind a little girl who had a ...

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Breaking Patterns: What Every Life Needs

Where are you? Do you even recognize yourself? Your life has patterns. It repeats and repeats. You feel the friction and the pain when you break a pattern. When you break away towards something ...

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Stop Believing your Own Bullshit

“I just need this one little thing done before I can get started”   This used to be me. When I started my first blog years ago I had this idea in my head that ...

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Purpose Driven Life: The Secret of Happiness and Fulfillment

She spent the night crying in my arms… feeling lost about the direction of her existence, feeling she is falling behind her peers. She is not where she is supposed to be! By now ...

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Life is Too Amazing To Waste Doing Unimportant Shit

Words that are easy to write, but the hardest to avoid. Another blatantly obvious and truthful idea, but one that is also impossibly difficult to follow (almost paradoxically). Whatever, tough shit. Just how it ...

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

How to tell if a guy likes you short version: A guy may want to sleep with you, but that does not mean he likes you. To know if a guy really likes you ...

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