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How To Make a Million Dollars

Simply concoct a way to provide a million dollars worth of value and that’s it. Done. You’re all set. A million dollars is yours, as well as the only thing besides love and health ...

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Your Parents are Delusional about The Economy

Does the economy suck? If you have the expectations your parents had it most certainly does. I read the Huffington Post regularly, it’s one of the few places I can connect to while traveling abroad ...

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How Disappointing People Keeps You Sane

I was speaking with my brother on Facebook a few days ago, apparently one of his childhood friends drank himself to oblivion. Dead at 36. He leaves behind a little girl who had a ...

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Breaking Patterns: What Every Life Needs

Where are you? Do you even recognize yourself? Your life has patterns. It repeats and repeats. You feel the friction and the pain when you break a pattern. When you break away towards something ...

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Stop Believing your Own Bullshit

“I just need this one little thing done before I can get started”   This used to be me. When I started my first blog years ago I had this idea in my head that ...

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