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How To Not Give Up When You Feel like Giving Up

Knowledge when applied correctly TURNS INTO A SKILL If you've not achieved success with your online presence, it's likely due to ONE WEAK SKILL that you've yet to develop, and it's this one weak ...

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The Real Barrier of Creative Work Online and 8 Ways To Beat It

Choose the one thing that is most important the day before. I work from a to-do list. I create one every night (for the most part) of what I would like to get done ...

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26 Reasons Why You Should Never Have a JOB

I used to watch this show... called The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch while at University. I loved the stories of people doing something creative to make more money than they ever did before. This show ...

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Why am I Not More Successful? (11 Reasons)

People get in their own way. I know this because I used to get in my own way. This is what I've learned so far: 1) You don't learn and apply Results are all that ...

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19 Things No One Tells 19 Year Olds

Your 20's  are an important age. You're done with school (for the most part). You must make plans for what will happen next now. More importantly than anything, It's time to cast off the ...

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