How To Not Give Up When You Feel like Giving Up

Knowledge when applied correctly TURNS INTO A SKILL

If you’ve not achieved success with your online presence, it’s likely due to ONE WEAK SKILL that you’ve yet to develop, and it’s this one weak skill that holds you back like a ball and chain; preventing you from getting into the top 20% where all the money, success and fun is to be had.

We all can make the most gains by working on the one aspect of ourselves we don’t like, what we’re not good at, instead of continuing to work on the skills we’ve already developed. We avoid the bothersome work of doing things we’re not good at precisely because we’re not good at them. It’s emotional labor, a type of labor we want to avoid (and can avoid easily)…but it’s also the main barrier in front of you now as you’re reading this.

So let’s fix that.

What’s your weakest skill? What’s your worst habit? What’s the one thing you could improve about yourself that would make the greatest difference? Is it your discipline? Your work ethic? Your low energy levels? Not being really good at something? Your ability to write? Weak multi-media skill? Lack of focus on a singular goal?

Kill Your “I Have To Sacrifice” Mentality

I’m a web designer and traveler. I own an online publishing and tutorial business. I do my best to diversify my online income (Fiverr, affiliate marketing, product sales, clients). I make my money from what I do online… but a large part of my success does comes from being in shape and having high levels of energy. Equating your mind and body may seem strange but the parallels are there. Because, building your body is not hard per se, but you can’t just lift weights and not run and not eat properly.

You must develop the discipline to do all 3, consistently. Which is another key, consistency. Doing the work, on yourself, on your business, on your website, everyday with a sense of purpose. It’s not hard, it’s not a sacrifice either, but it is work. The most important work. The quite work that matters.

This guy is a guilty pleasure (see video below).

I’ve been watching Boogie2988 for a few months. I first found him initially a few years ago when he had 10,000 subscribers and I thought his content was engaging, personable and entertaining. Now he’s up over 2 MILLION subscribers. He’s an elite YouTuber. At 1,000+ videos published he has many of the habits for YouTube success. Doubling down on what works, publishing videos consistently. Understanding why people subscribe, and just keeping at it all….(drum roll) consistently. It’s to the point where he could not imagine taking a 3 month break from YouTube. It’s so apart of his life and what he does, stopping is not something he would consider.

For him, taking a break would be considered the sacrifice at this point.

But one thing that I’m bored with about him is that for years he’s been talking about losing weight and for years nothing has changed. Why? Because we ALL avoid the difficult work of improving the weakest aspect of ourselves and it’s frustrating for me to watch and listen to him at times. He has all the trappings of success, but without ones health. You can’t fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I known these kind of people in my life. Overweight types who drink too much, smoke too much, eat the wrong things for emotional reasons, and don’t exercise on a consistent basis. It’s obvious to an outsider why someone is fat. The solution is simple, but it’s never easy.

Oh so you’re saying I have to “drink water and eat only carrots for the next 10 years!!”

This is a sacrifice mentality.

This mental state fades away once you realize that the sacrifice is how you’re probably living your life now. It’s a sacrifice when someone from a western democracy like America chooses to not follow there instincts. It’s a sacrifice when you’ve settled for working in an office, being in mediocre shape and living for the future that you’ve sacrificed.

It’s a sacrifice when you find it a better use of your time to drink soda and play video games instead of building the best damn body you can (so you look and feel great).

I’ve traveled all over South East Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia. If you’re from a western democracy you have no idea how lucky you are. How many amazing options you have to live and create an amazing life.

You have no idea how much you are sacrificing by choosing to not build your online presence. Because you have options. You don’t have to settle for being a cab driver in Thailand. Spending your days cheating tourists out of a few dollars.

See, the real sacrifice, the only sacrifice as I see it, is not trying.

How To Work When You Don’t Feel Like it

We all have problems. I don’t always want to work. What I do is a bit unconventional in that I don’t report to anyone…but one thing is clear. Hard work is a habit. Plain and simple.

To build a habit takes weeks and months even. Do what you have to do everyday to move you closer to your goal. YOU WILL BATTLE ENDLESSLY WITH SELF DOUBT. Am I wasting time on this or that? Should I be writing an ebook or blog posts? Should I quit this website and start over with something new. What should I be doing now! As long as you’re doing something, even if it ends up being the wrong decision, you’re at a minimum of building the habit of hard work.

Following the path laid out by society is a sure way to live an average life…and the people around you fear that you will fail. They will also fear that you will succeed a bit too. Allowing yourself to live as they can not. T

o do work when you don’t feel like it requires patience and willpower. This comes from your habits.

…so what are you habits?

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you put in at least 2-5 hours a day on your website?

What time do you wake up?

What about exercise?

How are your relationships? Do you have positive people in your life or do you have inner turmoil?

Are you networking and  making friends with people who can help you?

Are you working everyday to become known for something?

Never Give Up: Inaction is Your Greatest Enemy

Fighting with self doubt is one thing, but inaction, THE OPPOSITE OF CONSISTENCY will lay out your failure for sure. Success is not a impossible with a website. It takes a bit of luck and persistence. But more importantly, it takes action. Sometimes you need to quit and come up with a new idea when things don’t work. But for most, they quit and give up too early which solidifies their lack of results.

From my experience, success is always just a bit further away when you get to that point where you want to quit. I had a personal development website that would not get beyond 50 visitors a day for months on end. I quit and did not update the website for three months. It was not until I check the the states for the website that I noticed the previous SEO work I did result in that website going from 50 visitors a day to around 500 visitors. Don’t make my mistake.

Results take time, a lot of time in some instances.

Still Want To Give Up? Flip a coin…

Flip a coin. Heads you follow your instincts and the lifestyle of your dreams. You don’t give up. You press on. Even if you feel like giving up right now.

Tails you quit and follow what society has laid out for you to do.

So flip that coin, which side are you hoping for?

That’s your answer.