How To Make $10 a Day Passive Income With Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the text book definition of passive income.

You sign up for an Adsense account (do a search for “Google Adsense” if you want to apply). Wait for approval. Once approved, make some ads and copy and paste the code into your website. Then, get paid per click and impression for that ad.

Now, this is only 1/10th the truth to actually making money with Google AdSense.

You’re mistaken if you think that it’s completely passive because you need to do a lot of work upfront to build a high traffic website or blog before you will start earning a respectable income from AdSense. That work is what we’re going to cover.

I want to show you how to break through that $10 a day ceiling (or $300 a month). If you’re ready for the work involved to learn how to make money with Google AdSense all I have to say is:

Keep reading.

How To Make Money With Google AdSense: Topic matters

What your website is about will determine weather or not it has the potential to be a strong passive income earner from Google AdSense. Some topics have a much higher cost per click than other topics. The topics (and their associated keywords) pay out much more.

For example, which do you think would pay you more if someone were to click and AdSense ad on your website:

An ad for or an ad for

You could simply guess the answer… “cough…cough..Host Gator“, but a smart person would find out the facts before answering.

To figure out what keywords pay what:

  • Do a quick Google search for “Google AdWords”.  
  • Create a free account
  • Do a Google search for “keyword tool”.
  • Now start searching for keywords and phrases
  • Take a look at the CPC. This it the amount of money an advertiser pays per click.
  • You get 68% of this amount as a publisher

Making Money With Google AdSense – Evaluate your keywords

Keep track of your keywords and phrases. While in the keyword tool interface you can export the keyword list that was generated based on what you were searching for into an Excel document.

The things you want to keep track of are:

  • The keyword itself 
  • How many monthly EXACT searches
  • The competition level*
  • What post title and URL you’re going to make and publish*

Before we go any further…

Depending on your unique selling point and your websites topic, this will determine what keywords you should go after. I’m not going to write about “how to make a jar out of clay” on a website about personal finance simply because I might be able to rank for that.

Your website needs to be a resource. It needs to be relevant. It needs to be topic specific so stick to a topic and build something useful.

Google AdSenseCompetiion Level

I use Market Samurai (free two week trial) to evaluate how competitive a keyword is by looking at the stats for the top 10 ranking websites. You can also use SEO Quake (free). You want to look at how many links a domain name has, what the page rank is, how old the domain is, and if the domain name is specifically targeting the keyword.

Then you want to record how competitive you believe the keyword to be:

If I see a keyword with:

  • Weaker websites ranking on the first page (PR 2 or less)
  • Websites “accidentally” ranking for a keyword

I know I can rank for that keyword with decent effort.

Here is an example of an easy keyword:



These were the results for “how to make a pot out of clay”. All the website in the top 10 are no greater than PR 3. Three of the websites are under PR 3.

BLP means “backlinks pointing to this domain”. This gives you an idea of how strong a page is. All these pages are pretty weak as the less links the easier to beat if you have a quality website.

RDP means how many unique domain are linking to this page. The less the easier to beat.

The last part: title, description, header means whether or not this page is targeting this keyword well or not. For this keyword, most of them are no, no, no, no and no. Meaning, all these website Google thinks is relevant for “how to make a pot out of clay” do not actually have a page on their website entitle “how to make a pot out of clay”.

As such, you could rank pretty quickly simply by making a page about “how to make a pot out of clay” if you had a website about pottery.

Here is an example of a moderate keyword:



This is an impossible example:




So evaluate your keywords to make money using Google AdSense

Build an excel file of keywords. List how many exact monthly searches each one has. List the CPC. Then evaluate the competition for that keyword. If it’s too competitive you won’t get any search traffic for that term and your efforts writing that content will be in vain. Only go after big high value keywords for the long term.

How I did this for this post you’re reading now:

Not only is this a great way to potentially earn an income with Google AdSense, it’s also helpful for driving traffic to your website or blog in a highly competitive niche. For the content you’re reading now, this was the exact method I used.


I did keyword search for terms related to making money with AdSense.

  • I listed out the exact monthly searches for each term.
  • I used Market Samurai to help me determine how tough it would be to rank for each of these terms.
  • Where is the CPC you might be wondering? I wrote this material to help drive traffic, not to make money off advertising so I don’t really care what the CPC is.

As you can see I found three phrases I liked, where I thought I could create some meaningful content to help people so I decided to craft content that was relevant.

The title of this content has the keyword in it and the URL has a “related” keyword in it as well. I don’t like the URL “how to make money with Google AdSense”. It’s too long and comes off as too spammy. I like short specific URL’s whenever possible.

Once you’re done evaluating

Evaluate the income potential of a keyword.

Market Samurai is great for this too as it has a built in keyword research generator that automatically evaluates each keyword for you by telling you how many clicks you could get to your website if you ranked number 1.

Another way to do this is to assume that your web page will get 50-60% of the traffic if you rank number one for a phrase. So for a 1,000 searches a month keyword that would be 600 visitors a month to that page.

Assume a 1-2% click through rate on your ads. This is the average click rate you should get. Anything less that 1% you need to change up your ad placement, anything over maybe 3% you might be tricking people and that’s not a good long term strategy.

So we have 600 visitors a month, lets assume a 1% click rate, that translates into 6 clicks. 68% of the CPC is what we will get, so if most of your keywords have a CPC of $2-3 assume that. Let’s assume $2.

  • .68 x 2 = 1.36
  • 1.36 x 6 clicks = 8 dollars a month

This is why everyone says you need a lot of traffic to make money with AdSense because YOU DO.

To break that $300 a month ceiling (or $10 a day in AdSense) just repeat and repeat the content strategy laid out before you. Find low to medium competition keywords and phrases and figure out how much you could make from each one.

Do this enough times until by your calculations you have a list of keywords worth $300 a month. Then get busy publishing the required content to make it happen.

Keep track of all your keywords and what content you published for what keyword. This means to keep track of the URL on your website where you content is published .

The next step is to build links to your content and to promote what you have published so over time your content will rank. So build links to your pages around these keywords. You can use tools like Magestic SEO to find out where these websites are getting their links from, you could write articles, use comment love follow comments. Whatever you need to do. Just don’t do anything that does not add value.

If you found low competition keywords ranking for these phrases should not be too hard to do.

AdSense placements to help you make real money with Google AdSense

Your ad design, color and size:

Use the same color you use as the other links on you website. If your links are blue, make AdSense blue…OR use complimentary colors for AdSense. So if your links are red make AdSense orange.

The best ad units are listed in AdSense. Those are the big square and the medium square. As well as the skyscrapper ad.

The best positions for your ads are at the bottom of the page, in the sidebars next to the post title and in the content itself and within the content.

Please don’t waste hours and hours designing ad units. Spend your time on higher value stuff like publishing content, research and promotion. These are the things that will help you make money with Google AdSense.


Now the real secret is work. All this stuff I talked about is work. Those who have success stay consistent and do the work necessary. There is no trick, no short cut for persistence. If you want this, you can have it. But you need to do the work over months and months. How to make money with Google AdSense? Easy, work hard and work smart. Have a methodology like the one I showed you and follow it.

Your reward at the end will be a consistent source of passive income, and the satisfaction knowing you helped people with relevant content.

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