When are you Going to get Serious?

The only thing besides love and health worth fussing about is…



If you’re lucky to one day find yourself where you have the option to not be in any particular place, on any particular day, doing any particular thing as to earn money I will envy you.

You can go anywhere you wish and you can do whatever you want. A dream? For most, including myself.

But not if you want it badly enough, they say.

Fair enough.

I love the idea behind working online, living abroad, running a business from a laptop. Sound great, but… it’s harder than it seems. I deeply wish I was way more successful than I am.

It’s frustration watching other who started after me with their blogs and websites, vastly surpass me in terms of wealth and success with what their doing online. I’m still stuck trading dollars for hours via consulting. I’ve not really yet had that one big success, that one thing where I can relax a bit on having to worry about clients because I have a substantial passive income source.

Even this blog, it’s been around since 2009 or so and it’s flat lined. For obvious reasons of course. My old content was simply terrible, but on the positive side I learned how to really write. Trust me, you don’t want to ready my old shitty 500 word articles about dating or some other generic basic bitch stuff I wrote because I was to incompotent to write well and too damn afraid to be honest.

Nothing I do works online to any large degree.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for coming as far as I have come. The fact that I can actually work from my laptop anywhere was what I wanted when I was in my 20’s. But now I’m in my 30’s and I can’t help but compare myself to other guys who started in their 20’s who are now in their 30s as well. The difference? Things just worked out for them and they’re making 30k a month while I’m between 2-3k. It’s simply not enough money for where I am in life and it does scare me.

The solution?

It’s time to get serious.

My life has been pretty difficult growing up. Characterized by loneliness. bullying and sadness. I had no friends growing up. I was that kid who always harassed at school. I have no happy memories of high school to be honest. After that I ended up joining the military which was not that fun, then I went to school but I went to a branch to save money before transfering to the main campus.  Then I worked 8 am to 11 pm at PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

I never got to have fun.

Really. I never had fun when I was young.

That all started to change when I went to Thailand. Funny how that worked out, living in America, trying to figure out how to make money and taking the time to learn new skills. Then I meet a Thai girl in America who honestly changed my life.

In Thailand, getting away from everything allowed me to grow as a person. Become a socially adjusted person, date girls, have sex, go to clubs, parties and all that fun stuff I never did.

Which is why I’m again not in the same place as my online peers. I guess you can’t have it all, but regardless of the past; it simply does not matter anymore. All that matters is where you’re going and for me, it’s time to get serious.

While I have no particular desire to be filthy rich…

I do want be properly successful online. I want to make more than a few hundred dollar of income online every month.. I’ve had a slight taste of it in the past, when all my my websites started to grow and earn money and a lot of it, but it was not permanent.

Success to me from a strictly financial standpoint means making over 6k a month. That would be the amount where I could live in Korea with this girl that I really like if I wanted to, it’s the amount that would allow me to return to the states and get an apartment so I can visit family for 4-6 months if I so choose, it’s the amount I would need to I could actually save enough for retirement.

2-3k online is just getting by.

Get a job you may say. I’m open to position like freelance writing and consulting clients. I also won’t rule out getting a job, nothing wrong with jobs. But first, let’s get serious and work.

The popular method seems to be searching for some great idea, something that transforms an industry or market segment.

I say bullshit.

There are clever rascals who make a million dollars a year selling TV wall mounts. Others do it by selling  T shits or bowling balls, “let’s play” YouTube videos or any other market you may trick yourself into thinking as stupid.

It’s not stupid, it’s brilliantly smart to use your enviable powers of intelligence to do something “stupid” while the truly gifted try to no avail to make the next Facebook or Google (who’s the real idiot then?).

Conventional wisdom vs risk taking

Conventional wisdom is the root of why we all have jobs. Because why would you not have a job? Go to school, get into a good college, get a good job, and have a nice productive life. This is the conventional life template which we all subscribe too without any real thought.

Anything outside of this is deemed risky and unnecessary. Besides, why do handstands on the edge when you can be sitting around with all the other folks making fun of those idiots who are doing handstands?

Because if things work out, you’ll transform your life

Who do you think wrote the rules? People who follow rules? No. Rule are rewritten by the people who have the audacity to break them in the first place.

If you’re a good little boy like I was, all that will end up happening to you is you’ll be a person who simply follows rule, never takes any risks,

People do stuff

People do stuff, make stuff, wander, explore, learn, grow. It is an innate desire in all of us, as basic and primordial as the desire for language and walking upright. As strong as any call of the wild, as prevalent as our need for sex, love, and companionship. People do stuff…and people need to do stuff, or we die. Maybe not death from our physical bodies worn away through a life spent chasing security, but dripped away from a life spent dampening fear.

We are spiritual beings in human form…

who exist to do more than seek safety and security. If the goal of our time here on this planet was simple survival, then content we would all be with what we have, but we are not. We seek more, always more. This desire is in us and it never goes away, no matter how much we ignore it, pretend it’s not there, sweet talk it to leave your side, or poison it. Fight it you can not. It is an immutable and ever present drive to create, do, be, and explore.

Besides, would we really want it any other way?

The foundations of our lives I believe to be joy and freedom. Nothing more complicated than that. Freedom to do as you wish, joy to like what you do. This is achieve through innovation and experience. If you are not innovating and experiencing what is the point? To copy? To be like someone? To do what others have done? Perhaps as a guide for your own path, but eventually you must embrace the realization that you are the creator of your experience. It is up to you to realize you are already free to to follow your joy and create what you so desire. If you can master this, with much certainty, men wiser than me will say you have mastered you life. For many though, locking yourself in a box for security is a poor shade of freedom, and it is certainly not joy. It’s safe, boring, unfair, and conventional. Which is why blogs and books, speakers, and courses on making more money are so popular. It’s not about the  money, it’s about the freedom. What is missing though is the joy. Freedom with no joyfulness is broken, and it is lacking (back to that desire for “more, more more!” it seems)

No one will have the same exact upbringing and same life experiences. The combination of everything, from the womb with which you came, from the world you live in right now make you truly unique. What are the chances that you would even be here right now? A million to one? Two million to one? The chances that you would even be here are so slim that it should provide no other reason than to believe in yourself, and why not? Fate, luck, god, genetics, source, believe in you, so why not you believe in you? I believe in me for whatever the hell it’s worth. Embrace that you are unique and stop trying to be a square peg attempting to force its way into a round hole. Let go of all that cumbersome need to control the world around you. To make things as they are for you at the detriment of everyone else and instead just let others be what they desire in their world of experience, and you be the way you desire in your world of experience.

You can be the best in the world at something, so why choose to seek safety where there is none? Being the best ain’t easy or quick. It takes conscious dedicated effort over a long period of time. You are not guaranteed success by any time frame, and you are not guaranteed success because you tried. You only get it when you just don’t give up. When you keep pushing and adapting, pushing and adapting till it works. Eventually it will work and you will be astonishing at something….and you should strive for nothing less in life, otherwise whats the point?

So when will you get serious?

Pulling the trigger is hard because it is so easy to keep doing the average and mediocre. To keep doing what you have been doing. To keep doing what you know. At some point if you are going to want to make a million dollars you need to pull the trigger and start gunning for it. You have to do something you see no way of doing right now. You must do handstands on the edge. Ask yourself, if not now, then when? Next month? After you have more experience? When it’s easier?