Learn From The Experts. Ignore The Biggest Loud Mouths. Listen to NO One.

Naysayers are abound and they have stories.

Stories of failure. Like the one of that guy who did that thing and is now living in a van down by the river because he failed. Sad.

Or that girl who risked it all and moved to a foreign city to take a job that did not materialize. She can now be found working retail, stocking shelves late at night. Be scared…

No, you must ignore these people in your life.

It is not that they want to discourage you (OK they sort of do), but rather they care about you and do not want to see you do anything risky…

Really, they worry for two reasons.

The first is out of genuine concern for your well being.

Naysayers often take the form of loved ones: your parents, siblings, friends.  They do not want to see you fall on hard times. To put yourself in a situation where you can never recover from.

The second reason is a bit more selfish.

A bit more fearful. They fear that by some astonishing measure, you will manage success for yourself. That your position will vastly improve over their’s. That you will utterly and completely shattering the social hierarchy they have become comfortable with into a million little pieces.

It’s like a bucket full of crabs. You’re trying to climb out of the bucket and they keep clawing at your legs, dragging you down. Keeping you on the same level with everyone else. Climbing out of the bucket takes a measure of bravery. If you manage it, you demonstrate that it can be done. This will then shine a bright light onto their own timid existence. A timid existence spent baking under fluorescent bulbs wearing shades of khaki brown while working in front of excel spread sheets making sure to please the boss.

We all know someone like this.

Someone who is all to apt to tell you how you will fail, or how it can not be done, or by how YOU can not do it.

I know a guy like this, he is actually a good friend. I never share my ideas with him anymore. Instead of engaging me, being supportive, being a friend really, he looks for ways to cut me down. It’s really an exhausting battle explaining to someone “no wait, you don’t understand”. It sucks the life out of me. The motivation. I start to question myself, and it is for this reason why you really should listen to no one, particularly naysayers.

The funny thing is, these naysayers bring up stories of failure but never  seem to know anyone specific…but they are sure as hell they exist. Somewhere.

If you happen to come across this risk taker that is now living in a van down by the river let me know. I want to interview them.

Honestly, everyone who I know that is doing really well is doing so because they are remarkable. Because they are risk takers. Because they have chosen to follow their hearts desire and do whatever it takes to get to where they want to be. Even if that includes living on the edge for a bit.

The world has changed. Trying to be safe is actually incredibly risky. Safe is boring. Safe is replaceable. Safe is mediocre. The deal has changed. No longer can you go through life just doing what you are told, showing up, and following directions and expect to live a life worth living.

You have to think for yourself, solve problems, create value for other human beings, find a medium to provide that value, and not give up when it is rejected. Simply keep doing it till you get better at it. Share yourself. Share your humanity. Stop being brainwashed or discouraged by these vampire naysayers.

My view of how things really work.

Naysayers use the stories of failure as a shield and an excuse for their own chosen and settle mediocrity. It makes them feel better. It makes them think they made the right choice in life and I am the one who is crazy.

You can truly do anything your heart desires so long as you choose to listen to it, follow it with conviction, passion and discipline. Listening to naysayers and their frightful stories of failure only helps to undermine your desires.

There are no failures. Only stories of failures. Only people who gave up. Only people who were too afraid to ever start in the first place. These types indulge in stories of failure because it proves to them that change is risky. Staying put is safe…but it is not.

Embrace your humanity or live in quiet desperation.

Fear and uncertainty are monsters. Big monsters. With red eyes and spiky skin. Maybe 9 ft tall and weighing 500 lbs. The trick is to think of fear and uncertainty as a horse. A gentle mare. That can be tamed and used for your own purposes. If successful, if you do tame it, it only adds to your abilities. The once fear now provides the very opportunity you were looking for.

Not only that, you can you now surpass other individuals who are much more smarter than you. By surpassing people who should seemingly be better off than you… but are not, it also gives way to an increase in your confident nature. Making you that much more powerful.

Don’t listen to anyone.

With obstacles in life you can go over it, around it, duck it, sidestep it, or as naysayers would have, avoid it. Surrender to it. Don’t listen to anyone (especially naysayers) because it will only lead you to a path of mediocrity, paralysis, of defeat and ignominy. Listening to them and avoiding the hard work of contributing your humanity and settling for mediocrity will block the way. It closes the gate.

No, instead realize you can and must contribute your humanity. Your uniqueness to the world. By doing so you can create something awesome. Be something awesome. As long as you are will to trade risk for reward. Up to you. I have said enough.

SO let me ask you, where will you be this time next year? Is that what you really want?