Life Without Attachment: To See Clearly is To Be the Outsider

Live a Life Without Attachment

It allows you to see things as they are and not let your previous experiences color your view.

True to form though, when moments of stress and difficulty arrive – THAT is when it’s always the most difficult to see clearly and unattached from any previous experiences.

Being able to see clearly is incredibly useful, and it is why it’s such a sought after and valuable ability…

-because most can’t do it. Seeing clearly means being able to see from all three sides.

  • The business, the consumer, the market
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend, you yourself, the relationship as a whole
  • The job, the boss, the company

Seeing clearly means being the outsider.

The guy who looks at a situation as an unattached, uninterested, “I could care less” about either one of you.

It’s why when when Americans look at South Africans squabble over race like Dutch, Boer, English, colored, black we laugh.

It’s silly.

You’re obviously only able to be  black, white, asian or hispanic.

Uh, there is my American filter coming into play and it being applied to a totally unrelated situation.

It’s why during a debate between Michael Eric Dyson and Jordan Peterson that racist Eric Dyson (who’s African American) trots out his tired white privledge, white angry man spiel against Peterson who’s Canadian.

It does not work. Canada does not have the same history as America. Dyson also clearly knows nothing about Peterson and simply assigns him a plethora of negative characteristics simply because his skin color.


No matter, Dyson can not view ANYTHING as unattached from the dualistic lens of black victim and white oppressor.

Becoming the Outsider – Struggle against the fact the people are people.

When you find yourself as the consumer, the boss, or the boyfriend, it’s really hard to see things unattached. You have a vested interest and experience that influences your decision making from being in that role so long.

Suffering from group think and a lack of original ideas, it’s quite common because you just don’t have a damn clue how to see the relationship from any other perspective.

  • So you get angry
  • Feel stressed
  • and get aggravated with the other persons incompetence.

Instead, try and develop the uncanny ability to view all your human relationships from a point of view without attachment.

Anger is a natural response, but the person who can see clearly knows that this is a waste of time.

As the old saying goes, shit happens. Deal with it and move on. Either learn to accept the individuality of each person as a person. Like seeing the cop as a person trying to do an important job… or you can struggle against the fact that people are people.

Accept that people are people…

and people are annoyingly difficult to change. Embrace the uniqueness and individuality of each person. It’s the best way and it does seems to be a much better idea then fighting against the fact that people are people.

It’s sometimes difficult to experience a life without attachment…

but a life without attachment really is a life without stress.

It allows you to see things as they are, and not have history warp your view of reality in it’s current form.

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