Life is Too Amazing To Waste Doing Unimportant Shit

Words that are easy to write, but the hardest to avoid.

Another blatantly obvious and truthful idea, but one that is also impossibly difficult to follow (almost paradoxically). Whatever, tough shit. Just how it is is seems, so we might as well get used to it. Remember, I’m in the same boat with you and life is a bitch sometimes… then you’re dead. Then you’re dead!

On this matter, where do you stand? Is your wit and soul silent?

Stuck in a warehouse, stuck in a bank, stuck in a restaurant, stuck in a suit, stuck in a car, stuck in a cubicle? The value of experience changes inexorably over time, as time moves at a speed of light to a place where we all will have little use of time or light. Scarcity creates value.

“Damn, you’re old and have not gone anywhere”…

is all I can think when I tip toe into a nasty conversation with my aunt about the venom she has for the company she is employed by. In a cruel and unfair twist of fate sometimes I think the lives of those before me exist only as a warning beacon.

I don’t want that to be me…

to be in my later days if I am so lucky to survive that long only to look back on a life not properly lived. Fuck that, I would rather be dead! Wait, I will be dead… so what does it matter? What does it matter for me or for you? I can write on and on about the comparative value of doing important stuff versus doing stupid stuff, but really it’s best put the following way:

  • What the hell am I doing with my life!
  • I need to just go. I just need get out of here!
  • If I ever break free from this I swear I will never ever come back

What happens next?


well off to work again!

What is to fear in this life?

I fear getting old, not being happy, not being successful, not being abundant, not achieving my dreams, not becoming the man deep down I want to be, …what is there to fear? Everything and nothing. My fears are those of a little insignificant piece of creation on some far flung planet out in the middle of nowhere. In the grand scheme of things it matters nothing and to no one but me. But that is all that is required. It must matter to me, for I am the creator of my own reality (and you with yours). So creator, why waste a moment more on doing unimportant stuff?

Immutable. Incomprehensible. Unfair.

Everything that breaths, grows, walks, runs, moves, flies, swims, crawls, will all be patently destroyed in its current form. It will of course take form into something else (space dust? Who knows), but life will come to and end on this planet. There will be darkness and cold on this once vibrant place long after it becomes a dead rock circling the sun. There will be darkness for certain but that is only an assumption as there will be no living creature left to see it.

Nothing to lose

What does anything matter if you are going to die? What does it matter? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The way I see it is you are going to die anyways so why not do something meaningful? It’s that bastard fear isn’t it? Fear is what holds us all back. We all have a distinct will to survive even against the impossibility of doing so…fear is the father of this will to live, so fear must be broken, fear must be smashed, fear must be slipped the poisoned tea while dinning it out, fear must suffer a diving blade to its throat as it sleeps.

Predator or prey?

All that is stopping you, me, or anyone else from creating a life of joy and freedom is fear. Fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of looking like an idiot, fear of getting fired, fear of not being able to pay the bills, fear of anything, anyone, or any kind. Fear. It is the trait of prey. Do predators fear getting fired or looking like an idiot? Perhaps, but they stare it down when it comes crawling back after having been impaled with a chefs knife while you were busy making pretty little sandwiches to compliment the poised tea.

Cease to be prey

If by some stroke of genius or luck you conquer fear and do something amazing with your life others will fear you. Not fear as in they will quiver before you like a Gazelle to a Tiger, but fear of your ability to shine a light onto the timid life they lead themselves, a timid life contained and defined by the constructs of the will of other men. Men who have conquered fear themselves. Men who are predators! Prey understand this…and they will hate you for it, and they will fear you for it.

Change the world

Becoming a predator will change your world. Not necessarily for the better always, but it will allow you to perceive things in a new light because of your new power. One of those powers is to change the world (or equally, destroy it)

If you’re a blogger that doesn’t mean starting  a stupid minimalist blog where you write about flaky topics like “the simple guide to X” or the minimalist guide to Y, or “how do declutter whatever”. It’s cliche, it’s boring, you’re not saying anything new. It was cool two years ago, now it is saturated. That goes also for most others writing about personal development, social media, making money online, or any big saturated niche. Instead:

Say something worth saying.