Joker Movie Review – A Beautiful, Tragic Masterpiece

The joker is a masterpiece. People who love it are those who have had some difficult aspects of their life and can relate to this tragedy on some level. People who have been bullied and isolated. People who have felt abandoned and unjustly alone.

Treated like shit for no good reason.

Those who are lucky enough to have not been touched by malevolence typically don’t get it. They live happy, safe lives and see the suffering of Arthur and the chaos and destruction he creates in the world as “dark” or “scary.” It’s a again another secret message for incels, or white nationals or racism or any other trope you want to trot out.

Ironically, they are totally oblivious to this central theme of the Joker. The haves and have nots (because they are the haves who live in a bubble). The ones who have safe, predictable and easy lives relatively speaking.

Who have love, who have family, who are properly looked after vs the invisible people you proclaim to protect but don’t really give a fuck about.

The ones who are chronically abused and needing help that you continue to ignore. Instead it’s just a chance for the privilege to virtue signal. Tone deaf to what the movie is trying to say.

Its a criticism on class and how we treat each other. How we can create hell on Earth if we are not careful.

You know what scene really broke my heart?

When Arthur was sitting with his mom and he started fantasizing about being in the audience of the Murray Show.

Murray calls on him and he asked him a few questions about his personal life and took pride in saying “I take good care of my mother” after being laughed at in his own fantasy for living at home with his mother as a grown man.

He took pride because Arthur is actually a good man, a gentle soul and is never treated a such by anyone in the movie.

Then Murray calls him down to the stage and Murray gives him a hug and says ” I would be proud to have a son like you.”

That scene was gut wrenching and so, so sad.

Fantasizing about having just a little bit of love, acknowledgement and maybe a hug.

But for Arthur, that was asking for too much in his life.

“Look what you did!” “Isn’t it beautiful?”

The Joker is an undeniable masterpiece. From the acting, to the cinematography to the score.

It’s a beautiful tragedy where you empathise with the Joker. You see him break and then become unbreakable. Instead of being a one dimensional SJW villain, the layers upon layers the movie has shows you what went into creating the Joker.

Part of you starts to think “yea fuck Gotham, fuck these people, and I’m cool with this whole place burning down.”

Oh Thomas Wayne got shot? Who cares. Good. I’m happy, he deserved it. Fuck his wife too.

This is why the balance of Batman to counter the Joker works. The relationship between Batman and the Joker are a euphemism for the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Which is why the side story of Arthur potentially being the son of Thomas Wayne is a brilliant easter egg.

I hope my life makes more cents than my death

Eventually Aurthur transforms into the Joker. He starts to take revenge and stand up for himself. It’s incredibly satisfying.

His actions cause pure chaos unintentionally. But strangely, it let’s him know he exists and he matters.

The movie ends with him finding happiness in becoming the Joker because he finally does not care anymore about anything. He’s ready to lash out at the cruel world of Gotham.

They have the villain they deserve.

What?! No Bribe? No Free Something?

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