Intermittent Fasting – How To Stay Lean While Traveling

Hi my name is David and I don’t eat breakfast.

If you’re a man with one of those big stubborn bellies like me, you should give intermittent fasting a shot. It’s been pretty much pure magic for me on managing my body fat levels particularly while traveling.

The problem I run into, that maybe a lot of you reading this may be able to relate to is that I just can’t eat that much throughout the day.

Well I can, but that’s why I always end up with a big belly. I’m just not that big of a guy and can easily consume large meals. Taking in more calories than I simply need.

At 5 ft 9 inches tall roughly and weighing a solid 166 lbs when in shape, my body simply can’t handle that much food through out the day.

It’s easy for me to over eat and become a fat looking 170+ lbs person. Even now as I write this I’m about 168 lbs. Still fat, but I’m shocked by how much a difference a week has made for reducing my big bloated belly.

Almost like a balloon was pooped.

I can get skinny easily and I can get fat easily. But it’s always been a challenge for me to maintain a heavier muscular weight with a low body fat.

My ideal body type is that of Kindobody or Radu of Thinkeatlift.comI’m a man, I want to be be strong and lean. I have the strong part down, but the lean part is the missing piece.

When I say lean, I want to be at 9 to 15% body fat with muscle gains intact.

It’s almost like the two body types are not compatible.

I’m either skinny with muscles


I’m fat but strong.

With intermittent fasting I’ve found the balance that is working  for me in maintaining a healthy muscular weight that allows me to eat what I like and lose fat fast.

In the picture below is literally a 1 week difference for me of cutting out breakfast and not eating for the first 6 hours of the day and only drinking black coffee and water. I limit my black coffee to two cups as to not over do the caffeine.

1 week fasting

For breakfast I used to typically have two eggs, fruit, toast and a latte.

I normally don’t consume dairy unless it’s yogurt or ice cream ( my point being that dairy is not something I normally consume on a daily basis) and I make it a point to eat less meat.

I don’t eat pork typically (just my least favorite meat). I eat chicken and beef and I even this I try to limit as much as I can by trying simply eat enough grams of protein appropriate for my body. I’m also mindful to consume less sugar.

But that damn latte I had everyday was full of sugar and milk which was a big cause of my belly I suspect.


Yea i’m an idiot in ways like this.

Drinking a coffee milkshake everyday makes you fat? Whaaaaat?

I’m already someone who trains at the gym regularly and I have good muscle definition BUT I was always get so damn fat because I’m just not careful enough of what I eat and how much.

To put my fitness in perspective I can bench more than my body weight weight and I can do 9 or so pull ups and chin ups despite being considered over-weight for my height. So I have a good base level of strength, but my diet is what was holding me back.

I’m strong, but I don’t look impressive. That’s a good problem to have at least and I knew I needed to implement something new to cut the fat but maintain the muscle.

So far the results so far have been very interesting and quite staggering.

I’m leaner and I’ve lost 3 lbs or about 1.5 kilo in a week. My muscle mass has maintained while the tire around my waist has all but melted away. I’ve drop from a 33 inch waist down to 32. My body fat is still too high at about 20%, but it’s a drop from 21% in just under a week.

Update, I’m now at a 30 inch waist.

My strength and energy levels have not suffered at all as well.

In fact, my ability to concentrate and focus on work in the morning has actually improved.

I know, it’s odd.

You would think that not eating would make you sleepy, tired or angry. On the contrary. My energy levels are high, my focus is on point and when I have black coffee with no milk or sugar that coffee gives me that edge to keep working through out the morning without needing food until the afternoon.

It also helps that I’m not normally that hungry in the morning, so you have to know yourself. My older brother is one of those naturally skinny types and could never forsake breakfast because he wakes up with a powerful appetite. In fact, he’s the type that wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to eat.

For me however, fasting for a a bit in the morning is no problem. I look better and more importantly I feel better. Way better.

What is fasting?