How To Write: Why You MUST Be Careful with What You Say

To NOT express what you think is to allow your humanity be corrupted

Even if just by a bit, anytime you decide to censor yourself for fear of reprisal, you ruin the best part of you. The creative independent part. Be it an office bully, an idiot you have to work with, the political view points of others, whatever…

If you have something to say and choose not to say it, it corrodes your essence as a human being. This is why you must speak when compelled to. To do otherwise and not speak is even more dangerous. You’re helping to tilt the world more towards evil when you don’t push it back towards good.

Why evil?

Because conversations, real meaningful ones, are how you make ideas better. They are how you make yourself and others better because you both enter with one position and leave with something new and hopefully better.

By being open to criticism (and wanting criticism) you can become less of a jackass and a bit more wiser. You become a person with a well articulated positions over time, who knows what they think and why they think it. You become someone who is at the ready to defend their ideas with words instead of fists and violence.

You can always tell when someone has not gone through this difficult process. Who are not open to criticism. They tend to say things with the intention of winning the argument instead of wanting to improve or change their mind on a topic. They hold onto beliefs as dogma and refuse to debate the merits of their concepts and constructs. They instead resort to identity attacks.

Oh the pay gap for women is a myth? You just hate women and you’re not even allow to have an opinion on this since you’re a white guy!

The only thing to do in this situation is to continue to speak and assault the merits of positions you find unacceptable.

Being able to speak your truth in the most literal sense (not that bullshit personal growth jargon) is much more powerful than violence anyways.

It’s why the west is best.

Because our culture has freedom of speech as a cornerstone of how we conceptualize ourselves in the world. It’s something you take for granted once you visit almost any other country.

How To Write

Write what you think, write what you believe, write in a careful and thoughtful way (also pay attention to grammar). Then take on the responsibility and the burden that words have meaning and what YOU SAY MATTERS.

This means you’re willing to defend your position.

This also means you don’t shoot your mouth off, say dumb things in the heat of the moment or be baited into being needlessly offensive on social media. A smart person is constantly learning and crafting their arguments. A smart person also does not make enemies out of potential allies.


To engage in combat requires courage. To stand your ground and physically fight is no small thing. It’s the same with words and conversation. To engage in intellectual combat requires you develop courage, a courage of your convictions.

Most people don’t have this sort of courage because it’s dangerous to stand up and stand out. But if you have something to say, if you feel compelled to say it, then say it.

…and bear the consequences of it.

The alternatives of not speaking are worse.

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