Watch The Video Google Does Not Want You To See

Is Google Always Listening To Your Private Conversations?

Ever find it weird how all of a sudden you’ll start seeing ads based on what you were just talking about? Even if it’s a search term you never searched for?

You also find it weird how your suggested search terms will also be related to something you said (but never searched for) in conversation?

I know I have.

I’m just wrapping up my trip here in South Korea. I’m currently dating this lovely Korean girl and have been living with her for the last month. My visa is almost up and I have to get back to Thailand to get my stuff, sell my motorcycle and head back the the United States for 6 weeks to two months roughly.

I’ve been gone too long and really need to just be around for a bit.

Anyways, the Korean girl’s grandmother passed away and she had to go to Busan (a city 4 hours away from Seoul) to mourn with her family. As such, she arranged for her best friend to take me out to dinner one of the nights she was gone.

We had a great dinner and then decided to get some drinks. She joked if I wanted to go to a “sexy” bar since she’s been to Thailand and knows that I spend the majority of my time in Thailand as my home base.

So we used the term “sexy bar” in conversation for a bit joking back and forth multiple times and again when we were in the bar.

Anyways, the next day at dinner with the Korean girl I go to search for Korean traditional snacks. I type in Korean…

With the intention of looking up korean traditional snacks (we had tea and these cookies that were really good but I could not remember what they were called).

Korean sexy bars’LLl?




A term I’ve never searched for. A term that does not even make sense! Korean masks, sure – I looked this up in a museum. Korean traditional snacks, yes. But Korean sexy bars’LLl?

I’ve been aware of this for some time

I’ll talk about a game I played as a teenager, then all of a sudden Google suggest feature as well as relevant ads will begin to customize themselves to things I’ve talk about or perhaps have written in an FB message or whatever.

But this is pretty dang creepy. Obviously this is not conclusive or anything. But because I experience this sort of “coincidence” enough time, I got to searching for it on YouTube and Google to see if anyone else had experience something similar.

So, in addition to Google tracking you at all times (even if you turn you location off, even if your phone is in airplane mode):

It now seems that Google may also be listening in on our conversations as a way to better serve up relevant content and ads.

Oh fun.

Burn your microphones, tape up your web cam, put on your tin foil hats 🙂

Anyways, there is a market here, an emerging market for privacy

With a browser like TOR, a search engine like duckduckgo, all we really need now is a more secure phone – or perhaps, we could all revert back to dumb phones, or develop dumb phones with some sort of privacy heavy app.

Have you had a similar experience?


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