This page is a collection of helpful resources for travel, money and motivation. Here you’ll find are my favorite books, podcasts, YouTube channels and travel gear. Enjoy.

Updated November 2019

Essential Books / Audio Books

I don’t maintain a public reading list because you should be in the habit to read a book a month. Regardless, here are my essential books non-readers should read (or listen too).

12 Rules For Life – I’m a casual reader, but Dr Jordan Peterson is a highly verbal person and the audio version of his book is simply outstanding. If you’ve not listened to this book, get it. It’s worth every penny.

The Rational Male – Understand women, sexual dynamics and how to stop being an idiot towards the opposite sex. This is a cult classic. Learn how female nature really is and stop being a white knight loser.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – By Ramit Sethi. The best personal finance book for those just getting started with making and managing money.

How To Get Rich – By billionaire Felix Dennis who founded a bunch of successful magazines. This is a book about what it really takes to achieve great things. How difficult and stressful it is. It’s 100X better than the name implies.

4 Hour Work Week – This was brilliant stuff when it came out. Now people are on to the concept of not having jobs, doing what you want. Being free. It’s an excellent read and will motivate you to forego the dreams of mansions and lambos (so 90’s) and instead do what I do. Make a western income and travel on your terms.

Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder – Yea it’s a book by Schwarzenegger, how good can it be? This is easily the most inspiring and motivational book I’ve read to date. It’s Arnold’s story about how he came from the country side in the middle of nowhere Austria to being a real estate millionaire, actor and world champion body builder.

The Dip – By Seth Godin. A short brilliant book about the struggle you will face when doing any creative endeavor and why most never achieve anything of real value because they don’t work to get past the dip.

Sapiens – By Yuval Noah Harari. A classic and for good reason. This explains how humans made a deal with the devil and traded a nomatic life for farming and how wheat tamed us conversely.

Meditations – By Marcus Aurelius (Ceasar). I have no idea why this book is not more famous. The most powerful man in the world reflects on his life and shares some profound wisdom that will enable you to re-wire your mindset, behavior and outlook on life.

Essential Travel Stuff

Travel is a big part of my life. Here is some gear I’ve found helpful as a vlogger and casual world traveler of 30+ countries.

Air BNB – For obvious reasons. You can stay at a hotel or you can book a nice local place. You can usually find cheaper and better accommodation with Air BNB.

GoPro Hero 8 – The best travel camera for vlogging. No you don’t need some big camera with a fluffy mic. You need something small, light and durable.

OGIO Renegade Backpack – This is my favorite backpack for travel. It’s big and can carry a laptop, tablet, DSLR camera, shoes and shirts with ease. The downside is that it’s big. But again, it’s made for travel or working professionals.

Remington Grooming Kit – Trim your beard and body hair with ease. Not every guy wants to shave and some of us prefer a 5 o’clock shadow look.

Swiss Army Knife – I love my Swiss Army knife. It’s easily one of the most useful things I have and use it everyday.

Small First Aid Kit – I was in my room cutting open a can of sardines when the can sliced the skin between my thumb and index finder. I started bleeding like crazy. A small first aid kit is a life hack and will come in very handy when you least expect it.

Google Flights – My go to source for finding flights. I like Kayak too, but I always start with Google Flights.

Tor Browser – A browser that not only allows you to access the dark web, it allows you to get around any local censorship (does not work in China though).

Google.com/ncr – Forces Google to use Google USA instead of localizing your searches (which can be annoying when the top suggestion are results and videos in a foreign language).

Apple Air Pods – I don’t own an Iphone, but I find that the Apple version of air pods just work right. These are so much fun to wear while at the gym as you’re not tethered and they have built in microphones for voice calls.

Money Management

There are a lot of fun helpful websites, apps, credit cards and bank accounts for managing your money and investing. Here are some of my essentials.

Schwab High Yield Investor Checking – The advantage of this card is that it pays you back any ATM fees you incur world wide.

Transferwise – Send money to a foreign bank account with ease. When I live abroad in Thailand or Vietnam it was great being able to transfer money from my US account to my foreign account. Pay a small fee and you can typically use local atm’s with your local bank account fee free.

YouTube Channels to Check Out

I love YouTube, here are some noteworthy channels I enjoy watching. I’m a history buff, so take that into consideration. Just search these names on YouTube and you’ll find them.

History Matters – 5 to 10 minute animiated videos that answer historically relevant questions like “why did people stop dueling.”

Harald Baldr – Former blogger (HaraldBaldr.com) turned wildly popular YouTuber makes excellent casual travel videos with a story.

Indigo Traveler – I’ve been subbed to this guy when here had only 500 subs, he’s now sitting at 500,000. He makes raw travel videos to interesting places where he tells a story.

Mathieu Stern – Weird lens photography channel. I’m not even into photography but I love the creativity and art this channel produces.

Townsends – An 18th century culture, lifestyle and food channel.

Drew Binsky – Travel blogger turned Snapchat star turned Facebook sensation turned YouTuber. He make excellent informational travel videos.

Mark Dice – Conservative bomb thrower. He’s smart and entertaining.

Kristen Dirken – A wonderful channel about simple living, tiny homes and self sufficiency.

Daily Stoic – A channel about practical wisdom from a stoic perspective.

Entrepreneurs in Cars – An underground hit. Richard Cooper shares hard won life advice to help young men make better decisions with women, money and life.

Medlife Crisis – A medical channel that is very insightful and fun.

Christopher Chaos – A military question and answer channel by an Army veteran.

Nicky MGTW – A current US Navy Petty Chief answers your military questions.

Cinemasacre – Angry video game nerd, gaming history, movies and more.

8 Bit Guy – Retro technology.

The Tim Traveler – A guy who travels to random places that have an interesting history.

Dr Shaym – A smart, sarcastic variety channel.

Joe Rogan Clips – Joe Rogan podcast but in short digestible clips.

H3H3 Clips – Same as Joe Rogan.

Geography Now – Created by a guy named Paul. From one man show to a team of people, Geography Now is a fun and informative show.