Extend Your Visa at Bangkok Immigration (Get 90 Days!)

Extend a Tourist Visa in Bangkok

So you got a two month tourist visa and want to extend it another 30 days. How exactly do you do that in Bangkok? It’s not too difficult actually. The hardest aspect of the process is actually getting to the immigration complex (yes complex as this place is massive). There are multiple ways to get to the immigration complex, but the easiest way is to simply take the BTS over to Mo Chit then take a cab.

I actually just got back from extending my 2 month tourist visa an additional 30 days as I write this and here is what you need in order to extend your visa:

  • Your Passport (obviously)
  • Passport pictures (You need just 1 to go along with the application form)
  • A copy of your passport information page (the one with your picture)
  • A copy of your Thai Visa AND Thai stamp
  • A copy of your departure card
  • For TM 17 correctly filled out
  • 1,900 Baht

Steps to Extend Your Visa

  • Immigration opens at 8:30 am. Arrive at immigration between 8 am to 10 am and you’ll be out in an hour or so as the visa extension is a simple procedure. Please note that immigration closes at 12 pm for lunch. That means if you arrive at 11 am you’re most likely going to be stuck there till past 1 pm when immigration opens again.
  • You’ll need various copies as laid out above. You can get copies for cheap at one of the numerous copy stands found in the food court area.
  • You’ll need to know your address and you’ll also need a valid Thai phone number. You’ll be asked for this so be prepared.
  • The TM 17 form can be obtained at the front of the immigration office. Simply inform the staff at the information desk in immigration that your intention is to extend your visa and they will give you the correct form.
  • Then proceed to get a ticket for counter J2. As you’re waiting, fill out the form.
  • When your number is called submit all the documents required and pay the fee. You’ll get another number to pick up your visa. This can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes.
  • Pick up your visa and grab a taxi home!

Where is Thai Immigration? How Do I get to Thai Immigration?

Address: No. 120 Mu 3 Chaeng Watthana Soi 7 Thung Song Hong, Laksi Bangkok 10210
Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm but closed for lunch break form 12 noon – 1 pm. Office closed on weekends and holidays.

This place is in the middle of nowhere. It’s closer to Don Mueang airport than anything else. I would simply go to Mo Chit (via the BTS sky train) then take a cab. I would get to Mo Chit around 7:30 am as traffic becomes quite heavy after 8 am as people go to work. That means you’re going to have to get up early!

That’s the easiest, fastest, headache free way to get there. Otherwise you’re going to probably get lost if you take a bus or mini van or you’ll be wandering around in the hot Thai sun in some random location once you get off said bus, wondering where you are, asking random Thai people who don’t speak English where immigration is 🙂

Just take a cab at Mo Chit. The taxi drivers are familiar with where immigration is and it’s not that expensive.

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