How I Made Over $2000 From a Single Blog Post

I Made OVER $2,000 From a Single Blog Post, Here’s How

Make money blogging! It’s actually really hard to make money from a blog and  to be quite honest, I’ve not quite figured out how to make this blog a viable income source. But not complaining. Yea, I really should write ebooks or create a course as you can’t make money without selling something – though affiliate marketing is always an option and that’s what this post is about. How I made thousands of dollar from single blog post on this website.

Let’s get to it.

The Post in Question: How To Tell if a Guy Likes You – I removed it from this site and a bunch of my other dating oritented content because it’s just so irrelevant to the direction I want to go with I’m more into talking about travel and business with a focus on working online, living abroad, and traveling. With a blog, it’s fine to go “off topic” every so often but a post on online dating or how to know when a guy likes you really makes no sense being on this website 🙂

I simply don’t want irrelevant content but instead of outright deleting the content I’ll just setup a new site for it and let it and all the other dating stuff live on that new website.

The Proof:

So this post was written years ago, back when I wanted to be a professional blogger. I failed at the endeavor but found more success with building content rich websites that are monetized with AdSense and affiliate marketing. Basically,  don’t waste your time blogging about personal development crap – create a website on something like dirt bikes that you can monetize with display ads and Amazon. It will help your bank account instead of your ego.

You can generate money through selling your time, but that depends on your unique selling point.

You can also generate ad revenue, but if you’re just getting started, ad revenue will be a disappointment because you have no traffic.

You can also sell products.

But what does your audience want?

You find this out by seeing what content and offers they respond to and by using affiliate marketing; weaving in relevant products and services for your topic and seeing what converts.

You can also hit up your social networks and forums with your product ideas as a way to validate your idea first. You may think it’s a good idea, but try and get some feedback or better yet, line up some sales and then create the product.


You need to network with others in your industry, developing a relationship with people of influence. In the dating industry, the two people I trusted the most were David Wygant and Evan Mark Katz. I had no problem leveraging their products in my content if it made sense.

They do great work and it’s a win win for everyone involved.

Other marketers will tell you to look on Clickbank or Ejunkie for relevant products, which is one strategy. But I think it’s best to really know your industry first and the players in it so you can decide who you trust and want to work with as opposed to finding some random e-book.

If you know someones online work well, AND HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THEIR PRODUCT then it’s easy to write about their products as it relates to the relevant content you are creating.

$2,800+ dollars from selling an ebook in a blog post: Why He Disappeared

This is the power of building targeted traffic + knowing your audience + building trust with people and knowing how to sell.

Learn how to sell with words

I soft sell on all my websites when I find a product that is relevant.

Meaning, I never tell someone to buy something. There is no added value with just saying to someone: BUY THIS. It’s much better to show the what and the why behind your suggestion.

With other product reviews I would provide a tutorial, a video, an interview with the product creator, or provide free alternatives to the paid product as a way to demonstrate that I know what I am talking about. When I mention the product in a separate blog post or piece of content, I’ll always link back to the review post if I wrote one.

I also like to use the “quick mention” strategy too.

So in the  “how to tell if a guy likes you” post, I like to mention the relevant product once in the beginning, definitely at the end, and maybe in the middle.

Using language like:

Hey this helped me, maybe it will help you?

Lot’s of people used  XYZ, it worked for them, maybe it will work for you?

If you want to dive deeper into XYZ check out bla bla bla

Targeted Traffic

Another key of the equation is targeted traffic. Without people actually finding your content, you won’t make any sales. You need relevant targeted traffic to your site make any sort of sale of anything. The best kind of traffic is recommendations and links from other high traffic, high quality websites and Google (ranking on page 1 for a keyword related to your industry is a great, stable source of traffic). More on this in a bit.

The mistake I made was that this post was posted on this site, back when this blog had no focus and to be honest, I was just trying to make money and writing crappy content. If you want to make money with a blog, you need to be known for something and a relevant audience. Meaning, people WANT to box you in. It’s cool to go off topic sometimes, but generally you need to be known for something.

As such I had posts about blogging, dating, finance, personal development and other basic b#tch nonsense. I was all over the place and today if you were to try and rank for specific content like this, you’re going to need a site that is specifically about that topic.

It Starts With Finding What People Want

You first need to find keywords and phrases that are not locked down by big media companies that actually have search volume.  Sure, I could write a blog post on the Jack Fruit, the biggest tree born fruit in the world, but who cares. Is anyone searching for that? Is that solving a specific problem?


Instead, over 90,000 people search for “how to tell if a guy likes you” believe it or not. It’s a massive keyword and combined with other synonyms like “how to know when a guy likes you” the search volume is substantial.

So you first need to find a couple of phrases that people are looking for that have good search volume. Back in the day you could simply use the keyword tool by Google, now you need to use multiple tools. The easiest one to get started is It gives you an overview of how competitive a phrase is.

You can dive deeper on your own on SEO blogs how to find good keywords and phrases but this is where it starts.

Next, Google the phrase and see the sorts of websites that are ranking for it.

If it’s all big media companies like the Mayo Clinic for health related terms as an example, you may not be able to get on the first page. But for a phrase like “how to tell if a guy likes you” it was all just random blogs.

So I knew I had a chance.

How To Write The Content

Your goal with a big keyword should be to make the most authoritative piece of content.

What I did was write a long, detailed post. I made sure to use my main keyword and various synonyms multiple times in the post as a way to make the post more relevant and better than what was ranking. I also interlinked the post to related content and used relevant pictures. I also made sure to break up the content correctly using H1 and H2 tags and to make small paragraphs to the content is easy to read and scanable.

Next from the content itself was to make sure I used a good URL. Back when the post was written, Google gave more weight if the URL had the keyword in it, hence the URL is how-to-tell-if-a-guy-likes-you.

I would NOT suggest doing this now and instead opt for a shorter URL  like “when-a-guy-likes-you” or something. Next is to create the title of the post for search engines.

In WordPress, you’re able to do this:

Notice how the title is catchy. Your competing against other items in the search results. Just with YouTube how you need to focus on titles and thumbnails, the title is critical for search engines too.

Also notice how the meta description has synonyms in it. This helps make the post more relevant to search engines as well as potential visitors.

Build Links

Full disclosure, I spammed links to this post back in the day in order to get it to rank. I was following Pat Flynn’s niche site duel and he was publicly saying one thing, but really he was building spammy forum links. I just copied his link building strategy tit for tat.

A few months later (about 6 months or so) this post was in the top 5 of Google for different search phrases and was receiving thousands of visitors a day.

This traffic lasted for about 6 months, before dying off to where it is now, just a couple of thousand visitors a month. But at it’s peak this one page on my site was getting over 2,000 unique visitors per day.

Making ad revenue and affiliate commissions passively.

Moral of the story, short cuts will come back to smack you upside the head.

So that’s it!

That’s how I made thousands of dollars from a single blog post. This is just a primer on internet marketing, but hopefully you can see how people can actually build big profitable websites. I actually have a whole separate business on this topic. Google Website Creative Pro to find my tutorials and free guides.

Going forward

Again, Google loves websites that are theme specific so if you want to start blogging, pick your topic and become known for something. Don’t do what I did and be all over the place. I wasted a lot of time when I could of had a huge popular blog by now.

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