How Bitcoin turned my friend From Broke as a Joke into a Half Millionaire

Bitcoin Riches

Let me tell you the story of a close friend, a daring idiot who took enormous risk, did handstands on the proverbial ring of fire and is now sitting with a cool half million dollars invested.

He’s not rich, but for being a 41 year old guy who was literally broke at 38, to now having enough money to pay for his retirement – his story is one of dumb luck and insane risk.

I’m not a particularly lucky person, bad things usually happen to me and for no good reason. Nothing that ever crushes me mind you, it’s more just things never work out for me in a positive way. It’s either they go bad or never really catch on (and I’m a pretty positive guy – but I’m also realistic and I don’t lie to myself – so spare the the mindset lecture).

Anyways, enough rambling.

“Scott, why is your shirt on backwards” I asked?

Scott’s shirt was so obviously on backwards I could not have even imagined that someone was able to do that by accident. Yet, Scott did. 37 going on 18 is the best way to describe him. Tall, unsuspectingly smart but a total wild man who did a minimal amount of work at his job and would rather spend his days drinking beer and chasing 19 year old Thai girls.

He’s an excellent teacher IN the classroom, it’s just everything else that goes into being a teacher he could care less about.

Meetings, being on time in the morning, doing extra stuff the school asks, getting the kids ready for projects and presentations the school had. Scott was not really that involved.

I meet Scott because we were both teachers at a crappy English program in Ratchaburi Thailand. It was an EP program where the students had to pay tuition above and beyond what students in the normal program paid yet our salaries did not reflect this premium price the students were being charged.

In fact, our salaries were 30,000 baht a month at a time when the starting rate at all other school in Thailand was 35,000 baht a month. On top of this our school did not pay for our work permits, visa and we got no bonus yet were expected to go above and beyond for the school.

I don’t blame Scott for not really caring that much. I liked the kids but the school was so cheap and unfair. It was obviously just a cash cow for the administration (yes I’m saying the administration enriched themselves with all this excess money – corruption is a thing in Thailand) as we were paid less than the going rate for any ordinary teacher at any government school where the students could go for free.

Scott was eventually let go after working there for 8 years. He was not fired actually, the laws in Thailand simply changed and Scott needed to obtain a teaching certificate in order to keep his work permit. He was told this 2 years out so he could prepare.

What did he do? Be responsible and take care of things?

NOPE. Try, wait till the last minute and force the school to not renew his contract instead.

Scott was not that upset actually. He says the school has changed for the worse over the years. More work, longer hours, stricter requirements and low pay to match.

Personally, I could only put up with an unfair deal for so long. I know that I’m not going to change the way things are so it’s either put up with it or leave and I choose to leave.

Not a big deal for me as I have always had other income sources and never relied 100% on my teaching job. Plus I was unexpectedly able to get my friends university gig since he just left.


But after Scottn left Anuban, he started working at another high school down the road.

Unlike Anuban, they fired him after 10 months because of his lazy behavior.

Broke as a joke

So there was Scott. Working at Anuban for 8 years, his salary was 50 thousand Baht a month (due to yearly raises) to making 33 thousand Baht working as a new teacher down the road at a high school.

Once fired, he had minimal savings and went broke. Broke as in 600 dollars to his name as a 38 year old man.

Broke as in needing friends to give him money to pay rent.

What he did next will shock you

Scott started asking me about the dark web and what it was and how to buy things from it.

I was a bit taken back to be honest. I was the only tech oriented person in Ratchaburi. All the other foreign teachers were either old men married to a Thai woman or young backpackers taking a year or two long trip and just teaching to make money.

I was the only blogger and internet marketer and thus the only one who actually knew what the dark web was.


Yea Scott wanted to buy drugs off the dark web and then sell his illegal product in Thailand.




“Are you insane” I told him.

But drugs is what he did. I showed him what the dark web was and how to access it but from there he learned each piece of the puzzle himself.

He started off by taking what money he had and buying Bitcoin so he could make purchases. He had two contacts in Thailand who would distribute any illegal stuff he got a hold of.

It was a tough go for the first 6 weeks. Scott was buying stuff from random Onion sites, some delivering, others just ripping people off. He was able however to find a few suppliers.

Shipments To Thailand

Scott told me all about the shipments he would get, he was clearly nervous. Sweating bullets and extremely anxious. These packages had a fake name on it and were sent to a location he would not tell me in Bangkok.

Fine by me, the less I know the better.

He was anxious because imports are inspected randomly. Now, the drugs he would order would come hidden in toys actually. So if an inspector opened anything mailed to Scott they would only see kids toys

But still. The risk was huge. If they did a little digging, found something illegal and were able to figure out who was picking up these packages Scott would have been sent to a Thai prison for the rest of his life.

But Scott has that dumb luck.

He never once got caught and over the course of a year was able to make 3,000 USD a month selling drugs from the dark web. Then taking his money and putting into Bitcoin to buy more product.

Bitcoin Explosion

Hey remember how Bitcoin became a huge thing for a while?

Hey also remember how I said Scott had dumb ass fucking luck?

Well he got into Bitcoin right before the J curve. With thousands and thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.

Not on purpose obviously, the only reason he had Bitcoin was because of the illegal activities he was doing. He’s a wild man, but hes no idiot and he noticed something.

He noticed that his money was growing crazy fast with Bitcoin. After a year of selling drugs and putting money into Bitcoin he had tens of thousands of dollars.

Quitting The Game

Scott’s next move was to quit selling drugs and get a real job. For that year he was the most worried and anxious I’ve ever seen him before and for good reason. If he got caught, his life was over.

After he had amassed an nice sum of cash that was growing like crazy, he contacted an old friend of his who was working in China. His friend was able to land him a job at a school in Shenzen where he would be paid $4,000 a month. Within 3 months he was off China and his drug dealing days were over.

Bitcoin Half Millionaire

So that’s the end of Scott’s story. From here he spent the following two years working in China as teacher, pouring his money into Bitcoin. His salary was 4k a month but his living expenses were only 2k.

After two years he left China, went back to his home country and moved most of his assets from Bitcoin into index funds.

He now has $450,000 invested and makes enough money from dividend payments to live in Thailand and not have a job. He’s not rich, but it’s a pretty amazing turnaround in a few short years.

Like the old saying goes, no risk, no reward. But to be honest if I could switch place with Scott I would not. No way would I ever take the risks Scott took.

In an alternate reality there is probably a Scott sitting in a Thai prison for the rest of his life.

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