Why You Hate Vegans But Should Become One(ish)

The Vegan Diet Religion

In this post I’m going to talk something I call semi-vegan. Now calm down vegans, I already know the tirade you’re going to throw at me of how you can’t be semi-vegan, you either are or you’re not.

Fair enough.

I concede defeat in your word battle, but i’m still going to say semi-vegan because it best describes my diet because that’s what I’m talking about. Food, not an ideology.

For 2–4 days a week, I make it a point to be totally vegan.

No milk, cheese, dairy, eggs or any animal product. On the other days I allow myself to have meat, eggs, fish or whatever with one meal and only one meal (so long as it meets my protein intake needs of roughly 150 grams).

This combined with intermittent fastingweight training 3 days a week and light cardio have resulted in skyrocketing energy levels.

You may say it’s because I work out, but I was feeling “low” even though I worked out. So much so I got my testosterone levels checked to see if I was quietly suffering from an unrelenting imbalance that could not be solved without medical help.


566 were what my T levels were when I had that big bloated looking belly (see the IF post for reference).

Damn. I had levels akin to a 55 year old man.

But I digress.

Fasting daily had an enormous impact on my health, and the fact that I cut out 2 eggs every morning and fasted instead of eating got me thinking about how meat and animal products in excess may actually be bad for you.

Specifically, instead of thinking it’s a healthy part of our diet, maybe it’s something that holds us back because it’s a cultural norm to eat meat. It’s an expectation, assumption and association that manliness revolves around eating meat and that salads are for those weak, emaciated bike riding sissy vegans who’s heart is in the right place, but are hurting themselves long term by not getting enough protein.

Well, I can attest the following to my semi-vegan diet:

  • I can concentrate all day long.
  • I’m motivated to get shit done.
  • I don’t need to sleep hours upon hours.
  • I’ve lost A LOT body fat but have retained my muscle mass. Something that’s harder to do once you’re over 30.
  • My T levels are back around 700 after leaning out and using a semi-vegan diet and fasting as a means to lose body fat.

Diet really is essential to looking great and feeling great – more so as you age. I’ve found that when I was younger I could get away with eating whatever I wanted. Not now however.

You can’t be semi-vegan

I received this from a vegan from one of my pictures on Instagram where I just mentioned the concept of semi-vegan:

Hey. Proud of you for cutting out meat, but please don’t call yourself a vegetarian If you’re still eating fish. You can call yourself a pescatarian. K? It’s just a pet peeve of mine.

You’re just a regular person if you eat animal products. If you don’t eat meat or fish your a vegetarian. If you don’t eat any animals products dairy eggs or fish you’re a vegan. You don’t need to define yourself but if you were to then you would be a pescetarian becaus you eat fish.

My response?

I define myself as I’m not a “normal person” who eats meat with every meal.

Vegans treat their diet like a religion. They approach it with an in group, out group mentality and I’ve found them to be very annoyed with any connotation that you can be “semi” vegan or vegetarian. If a vegetarian accidentally eats meat they’ll be annoyed. If a vegan eats meat it’s an identify shattering event.

For the sake of using words to define things…which is the whole point of, well words, I’ll call myself semi-vegan.

Sorry if that annoys you.

So why should you become a semi-vegan?

You don’t need to loose a bunch of muscle.

No need to become emaciated or start ridding a bicycle everywhere and telling random strangers about your diet.

Just start small with two days a week. The benefits?

The benefits of a semi-vegan diet from my own experience:

1 — It’s easy to adopt.

Eating meat is a very ingrained thing in our culture. Same with drinking milk. It’s a bit odd to consider the notion of NEVER eating meat or drinking milk, ever again.

When you frame it in that way, it’s very challenging.

The little voice in your head will say you can’t do it and maybe it’s right.

Change your habits and your mindset with food and start thinking of yourself as semi-vegetarian or semi-vegan. Tell yourself, “I’m semi-vegan” and your behavior and attitude will change with regards to your food choices.

Thinking of yourself as a semi-vegan, semi vegetarian will still allow you the mental flexibility to eat meat or consume dairy based products, but you’ll have the mindset to avoid eating meat in excess which is the goal after all. To eat less meat, more vegetables, fruits and carbs. Which will result in a stronger, leaner body from my experience. Particularly if you’re a person who has a body type where it’s easy to pack on fat and muscle.

So pick two days each week to follow a vegan diet and try to get it up to 4 days.

It’s not hard and you can still have flexibility in your diet.

2 — Protein sources from plants

Plants, fruits and carbs have protein.

Yea, amazing, I know. We have this story we tell ourselves that the best protein comes from meat, and that’s a bit true:

Protein is built from building blocks called amino acids. Our bodies make amino acids in two different ways: Either from scratch, or by modifying others. A few amino acids (known as the essential amino acids) must come from food.

  • Animal sources of protein tend to deliver all the amino acids we need.
  • Other protein sources, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, lack one or more essential amino acids.

Vegetarians need to be aware of this. People who don’t eat meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or dairy products need to eat a variety of protein-containing foods each day in order to get all the amino acids needed to make new protein.


The emphasis is that you just have to eat from a variety of plant sources. The study is not trotting out the other trope that heavy meat eaters like to say about vegans.

You can’t get enough protein!

They don’t have the amino acids your body needs!

Yes they do. You just need to eat from various plant sources.

Vegans and vegetarians have no problem getting enough protein on a varied plant based diet. Also, I’m suggesting you consciously reduce your meat consumption significantly to only a few days a week, but not to cut it out all together.

You will be able to get enough protein from plants to build strength and size.

Your muscles are not going shrink.

In fact, my muscles have continued to grow even with a mindful effort to eat less meat.

3 -You can cut out meat from factory farms completely if you become vegan or semi-vegan


Killing is unpleasant and deplorable, obviously.

But we can all tolerate and stomach an animal that is hunted like a deer or perhaps and animal that was farm raised and slaughtered.

Animals have short, brutal lives. It’s our responsibility from my perspective to be benevolent, not malevolent with how we treat other sentient creatures.

Which is why I can’t accept factory farming.

Which is why in America I refuse to eat beef and pork unless it’s grass fed and from a farm.

It’s a true animal holocaust and there is no excuse for being acquiescence to this insanity.

Being semi-vegan allows you to have fish, venison, buffalo and perhaps beef or pork from a farm raised animal.

More importantly it allows you to totally and utterly cut out meat from factory farms because you should not be eating that much meat week to week for your health.

There are so many reason to just stop.

Human rights.

Workers in these slaughter houses routinely suffer from post traumatic stress. Hunting and killing for food is one thing. When you’re out in nature, you take in and feel the world in a whole new way. How brutal but beautiful it is. How these animals are wild and what it means to be wild. But to kill and kill and kill as it is done in a slaughter house?

That’s sadistic.

Only a dangerous monster would have the capacity to go out into nature and decimate life after life without regard.

Men can hunt. You feel respect for the animal and where your food comes from. But a slaughterhouse is not manly, it’s not hunting. It’s torture for the animals and psychological warefare for the workers.

Animals suffer too much.

What else is there to say. Hunting, thinning out the heard for conservation reasons, accepting the predator and prey relationship that exists in our reality (and is the main reason why I don’t give up meat), and also accepting that we’re apart of nature, not separate from it.

That’s one thing.

But the way animals live their lives on a factory farms, I simply can not accept and have no other recourse than to not eat meat that I know is from a factory farm.

Just opt out of it. Do what you know is morally and ethically right.

Poor quality

Meat has a a lot of health benefits, but meat from animals on a factory farm?

Hormones, anti-biotics, grain feed,miserable, scared, sick animals.

Sound like something you want to eat?

No thanks.

4 — Cardiovascular health

Having trouble concentrating, not getting erections and morning wood like you used to and/or needing to sleep a lot?

You may have inflammation that’s caused from eating foods that are too high in cholesterol like meat (or you may be low T, but your low T could be coming from you being too fat like it was for me).

If you’re young, it’s true you can get away with eating whatever you want and still look good and feel good. But for us adults, we know that diet is an edge for day to day performance and those that have actually experienced the dramatic benefits of changing their diet will swear by it.

If you’ve been feeling off, exercise will help, but it’s important to reduce your body fat.

Body fat, hinders your T levels and a great way to loose fat is to incorporate a vegan diet a few days into the week because again, too much meat has a negative impact on your health.

5 — Higher energy levels and maintained strength

With less meat and more vegetables, fruits and carbs you’ll have less inflammation which will have you feeling more alert and awake. Your concentration will improve as well which is what I was concerned with back when I tried the nootropic Modafinil.

Even if you think you’re a “low energy” person like I used to think I was, it’s probably just your diet.

Back when I was weight training and eating a high protein diet…meaning a lot of meat, I still looked like crap. I was actually consuming more meat than normal because I thought I needed that protein to pack on that muscle.

Steak n eggs right fellas?


What’s the point of getting strong but looking fat? Lift weights but you still have a big belly? You take your shirt off and you don’t look impressive at all?

Get your diet in order, it’s part of being a responsible adult.



Semi-vegan is a way to get there.

6 — Vegan and vegetarian options are filling and satisfying

ewww, gross. No, actually it’s really as good as it looks and it’s 100% vegan.

It’s sad that vegans and vegetarians treat their diet with such religiousity because it puts people off from trying vegan food because they think, “hey i’m not vegan, why would I want to get only half the eating experience when I don’t have too? Why get a salad and some carbs when I can eat a steak?”

Let me tell you, some of the best curry in the world is Indian style vegetarian curry.

Boca burgers are great too. Big salads with sweet potato. Fruit, seeds, nuts, vegan deserts, all wonderful.

I know a meal is not a meal for many if there is no meat, aka protein. But again, change your mindset and your eating habits.

Maybe save meat for when you go out on the weekends with friends so it feels as if you’re not giving anything up.

But in all honesty, once you follow a vegan diet for a day or two, you’ll find that you won’t be hungry, you won’t have cravings and you’ll just feel better. So you’re really not giving anything up for your appetite.

Since you’re not cutting meat out entirely, you’ll still have a source of calorie dense food as a part of your diet.

It makes social interactions more manageable

A vegan diet is doable, but adopting it as an ideology makes it very inflexible in most social situations as a majority of places have very few vegan options. I’ve literally seen vegans cry because they ate cake that was made with eggs.

When you’re just going for semi-vegan, you can enjoy vegan and vegetarian food, knowing you’re helping to reduce animal suffering and also doing something good for your health as well. But if there are no vegan options, it’s not the end of the world

Bigger erections

Being leaner, having less body fat and better cardiovascular health results in better blood flow and… stronger, harder erections.

Though I would end on a high note 🙂


Better health, more energy, smaller waist line, bigger muscles and better erections + no need to be a social recluse or become part of the vegan bike riding cult where you become weak and emaciated.

Do what you know is morally right. I accept the predator prey dynamic that exists in reality, you don’t have to give up meat. But we can all agree that factory farming is a disgusting, cruel and a damaging practice that benefits no one.

Do what you know is right for your health. We’re omnivores, but our diet should have a greater focus on vegetables, carbs and fruit instead of being so meat heavy.

Eat less meat, eat meat a few times a week and only meat that is from game animals or animals that were raised humanely.

Try it. You’ll feel better, look better and be better.

Did you like this post? Share it. Thanks for reading, — David.

1 Response
  • Nancy Laurence
    July 29, 2018

    Vegan or Veggie Plus?

    There needs to be yet another term to define the eating style of not so much meat. It’s something I wrestle with as well because true vegan, is a religion like philosophy, but we all need to eat less animal products, for our health and the health of the planet.

    Here are some terms I thought of:

    On the brink of vegan

    Pro plant eater

    Sustainable eating

    vineyard eating — sounds like eating wine, and that is always appealing 🙂

    Mostly vegan

    Almost vegan

    Pro human diet — sounds like eating people, but it’s meant to save the animals, specifically the human animals and the earth.

    WFPB — Whole foods plant based is to complicated.

    Nutritarian — a term coined by Dr. Furhman is good, but his program is complicated.

    Pro veggie

    Veggie boomer — just cause I’m a baby boomer.

    Veggie bonus

    Veggie plus

    I eat meat free almost all the time, I only have meat or animal products on very special occasions, such as social situations where it would be awkward or rude to bring up my diet preferences.

    P.S. Way to hit the guys where it counts. It should really be the lead title of the article, what guy wouldn’t read an article about the effects on erections from eating meat. It makes sense, erections are about blood flow and cardio-vascular health is about blood flow. I often wonder if it could be a leading indicator, pun intended.

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