7 Signs You’re a Bad Traveler

I’m by no means a world traveler

But i’m a better traveler than most, particularly Americans and Chinese (I’m American btw). I only say this because Chinese and Americans are some of the most annoying travelers for the same reasons.

We come from big countries and most of us don’t travel beyond our country. Heck, my dad never even got a passport until he was 63 years old! Anyways, this year I’ve been to Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea with a trip back home coming up soon. So based on my travel to 20+ different countries, here are the 7 signs you’re a bad traveler.

1 – You’re too damn loud

Wow, just wow. When I was in the full moon party on Koh Phangan I meet some young American travelers and boy were they super loud and excited about everything. OMG a coconut tree! OMG they play English music on the radio!? OMG can you believe how cheap bla bla bla is? Geezzzz, now I know why we get a bad rap sometimes.

They were all very nice 20 somethings from Texas and seeing a tropical island for the first time must have been overwhelming. But the loudness with which they spoke was so annoying.

2 – Packing too much

You’ll see when you travel, “backpackers” – people who look like they’re going camping walking around Bangkok. Even worse than having a giant bag the size of an 8 year old boy on their back, you’ll also see some of them wear a smaller backpack on the front of their chest, like they’re pregnant.

Why? Why would you travel like this?

It reminds me of my brothers wife, lovely woman but high maintenance who does not “trust” products outside of America. You know you can buy toothpaste,  shirts, jackets and whatever else you need outside of America right? You also don’t need to pack a medical kit either. If someone scrapes their knee you can just go to a local pharmacy!

3 – Not trying the local food

Seriously annoyed about this one. My ex Thai girlfriend packed 12, TWELVE cups of Mama noodles (a type of Raman noodle popular in Thailand) because she was worried she could not eat Indian food. Then she was complaining that her backpack had no room for all the other stuff she wanted to carry.

SO dumb.

Look, I’m American and I eat Thai food everyday in Thailand. I just got back from Korea, I was eating kimchi everyday there. Go with the flow and just eat whatever and don’t complain so much. This is actually a unique problem I’ve noticed with Thai people.

Most of us want to have our comfort food, fair enough, but Thais are particularly weird in that if it’s not rice and chicken or rice and pork, they can’t eat it.

4 – Not knowing the rules

Not much to say here. I almost got into a fight with this smelly Iranian (he literally smelled) because he was traveling with a bunch of women who were wearing gold, nose rings, chains and dressed in the full hijab outfit with their mouth covered. I almost missed my flight because these people TOOK FOREVER to go through security.

Seriously, you’re going to the airport you fucking idiots. Dress in a way that makes sense for what you’re doing.

5 – You dress weird for the location

Hanoi Vietnam is a comfy 60 something degrees in October. Sort of weather where you’ll need a jacket. You’ll see dudes who look like they just flew in from Thailand walking around in shorts when it’s 65 degrees outside. I saw the same stuff in Korea too. In April, it’s 100 degrees in Thailand, but Korea it’s the same weather as New York. It’s the beginning of Spring and it’s freezing outside. WHY are you wearing shorts?

6 – You constantly compare, contrast or complain

It’s cool to have wanderlust, to compare things to your home country and find novelty in the differences that persist,  but don’t complain so much. Things are sometimes not done to the standard you will expect to be done as in your home country. You either accept it or move on. No country does everything right.

7 – No research

What! The Louvre in Paris is closed on Tuesdays?

What! I need to pay for my Vietnam visa in US dollars?

What! I can’t access Google in China?

Bad travelers go to a country with their proverbial head up their ass. They don’t do any research about places to go, things to do or any quirky things that go down. They also don’t bother to do a quick Google search of scams to avoid.

You don’t need to be a travel expert and I’m all for exploring a new place with not knowing too much about it as a means to explore. But you should take the time to know how things work generally in a foreign country so you don’t waste time and money.

Final Words – 7 Signs You’re a Bad Traveler

There you have it, those are my top 7 signs you maybe a bad traveler and a worst tourist. We’ve all made some of these mistakes on this list, myself included. There are just some of my observation as a seasoned world traveler.

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