Why Anger Motivates Young Men and Fuels Discipline

The benefit of being an angry man is this you become focused on getting things done.

It’s a wonderful side effect of anger.

It focuses the mind. It gives clarity of purpose. If you get the right direction, the right feedback, the right accountability and the right goals, anger is a massive motivator to remove all the negatives in a guy’s life.

That’s the Purpose of Anger

It’s a way of us to establish that something is hurting us and that others around us need to stop doing it.

Is your wife or girlfriend cheating while cashing your paychecks? Anger is what gets you to kick her to the curb and replace her with a younger model.

Is your wife trying to run the household but failing miserably? Anger is what gets a man to step up and make his life meet his standards.

Anger is what gets you to command respect from those around you through your action and self-interest.

Nobody wants to get off a moving train going some place good. People treat a valuable man better as such.

The problem comes precisely because anger is so damn effective. Anger can get you to quit your job and start a business. Anger can get you to fix your relationship or replace it.

Anger can ensure that extra five pounds of muscle mass this quarter, anger can ensure you get down to a 15% body fat this quarter anger can remove all the negatives in your life.

But you’ll quickly notice anger isn’t forever.

Motivation isn’t forever either.

There will always be angry men, but men will not always be angry.

The problem is anger is designed just for that purpose

Anger is a man’s innate signal to the world that he is being aggrieved and he’ll become single-minded on removing that grievance.

Anger gets people to get out of your way or to help you where you’re going. Anger cuts the dead weight but once that dead weight is gone, once life is livable, anger goes away and there is no grievance so there’s no anger.

So what’s the problem if everything’s back to a sustainable level?

Right or wrong, you can remove all the negatives at your life and still end up at zero. No man wants to be at zero. If you don’t believe me go check out all the negative men out there who refuse to put any work in fear of ending up at the zero mark.

Every second rate man child in delayed adolescence would prefer to be negative and angry than content but at zero.

…and they’re not wrong.

Zero is not a great place to be but the solution to being at zero is using it as a starting point. It’s a starting point to get to your goal.

This is where discipline comes into play.

Angry men go to the gym to workout with intensity because they’re angry. Disciplined men go to the gym and work with intensity because it’s Tuesday.

Angry men command respect from everybody around them because they refuse to be treated like a floor mat. Discipline men command respect from everyone around them because
otherwise those people would not be around them in the first place.

Angry men have emotionally charged highly sexual relationships because a girl loves a man with passion. Disciplined men have emotionally-charged highly sexual relationships because girls love hitching their wagons onto a winner, and if she doesn’t meet his expectations, he has the discipline to find somebody who will fit into his life.

Angry men earn more money because they refuse to settle for being an angry and subpar cubicle monkey. Discipline men earn more money because they are willing to put in
the required hours into building a business with the skill set they needed to learn on the fly.

Anger is a band-aid, discipline is the cure

Anger is a band-aid it’s an important band-aid, bu it’s still just a band-aid. Discipline is the cure.

So what’s the what’s the takeaway here? It’s about using your anger to build those good discipline habits so you don’t go through the cycle of many failed male action plans.

I’ll give you an example. Here’s how it works. Somebody betrays you, usually a girl. You
get angry and you put in the work. Life starts to get better. You stop being angry and then you start to lull back into your lazy habits that got you into that mess in the first place

Maybe for you it’s that you love to drink more than you love to stay in shape, maybe you just assumed life as a one-and-done scenario and once you get to your goals it should sustain itself.

Whatever the reason complacency kicks in and people revert back to their old ways. In this case, the same grievances are going to come up again a year later two years later.

It’s most common for men who kicked their women to the curb the instant they get angry about whatever nonsense she did, they leave their girl and they immediately get into a relationship with a new girl.

Then in six months later they’re in the exact same position they started at. Get angry, rinse and repeat.

It’s not sustainable. It’s a man kicking the can down the road. We’re not properly utilizing his anger for his own benefit in order to build discipline.

Here is a better road map.

Same situation, guy gets betrayed, guy gets angry, a guy puts in work and things start to get better. The anger is put towards building up better disciplined habits.

Be attractive. Don’t be unattractive.

Sometimes you have to work twice as hard to get where somebody else is naturally. Well this is what I mean. Maybe you can’t drink because you’re just not capable of handling your business when you do.

Maybe your girl is trash but if you can’t handle a trash girl in the short term, you’re going to find the next woman you’re with will revert to that same trash as well.

Women are like water. They take the shape of the container you put them in so with this anger you’re going to learn your weaknesses. You’re going to learn your strengths.

You will learn what you can handle and what you can’t. You’re going to push that gumption by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Your actions are now on autopilot, completely separate from how you’re feeling.

You go to the gym because it’s Tuesday, not because you’re angry. You eat right because you only buy good food, you don’t eat right because you’re angry staring in the mirror and you don’t like what see.

You’ve used your anger to fuel your discipline. You didn’t use your anger in place of your discipline. Once you do this, once you get good at the difference you learn how to separate your improvements from your emotions.

False symbols of masculinity

Things don’t make you a man. They are false symbols of masculinity. One of the few things that does make you a man is being able to check your ego and get done what you need to get done with strong discipline.

It’s one of the few things that we can do so embrace it. You’re gonna look back fondly and those times you were angry and you’re gonna realize how easy that made life and how much harder you’ve made it for yourself afterwards.

But it’s sustainable and it’s rewarding if you make it so.

This was based on this video by Rian Stone. Visit his website to learn more.

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