Why Bad Ideas Can’t Tolerate Being Debated

When I was a teenager, my dad used to watch the Glen Beck show.

The Glen Beck show was a crazy show for idiots as far as I was concerned so I was curious as to why he even bothered watching such non-sense. Sort of like the political equivalent to Jerry Springer (now I’m dating myself, I know).

My dad is not a conservative in the slightest, he’s politically center so I simply asked him and he just found him silly and entertaining.

Alex Jones is my Glen Beck

I watched Alex Jones occasionally. I find him ridiculous but entertaining, particularly when he was talking with Joe Rogan. I don’t agree with anything he says because he’s a bit too conspiratorial on some topics so it makes me not trust his opinion on other topics. I find Paul Joseph Watson on YouTube to be FAR more snarky and compelling.

Anyways, all these years later I now “get” why my dad ever bothered watching Glen Beck.

Look, Alex Jones says some silly (and very hurtful) things but he has a right to say them. If they don’t conform to a left wing political agenda, fine. Eventually holding onto some ideas become so antiquated that anyone who holds those ideas would be laughed at.

It’s sort of like taking a WWII solider from the past with a time machine and bringing them to the present. They would be shocked and appalled at the idea of gay marriage and how even being openly gay is not a big thing. Some ideas become relics of a bygone era.

The point is however, THAT solider who had to fight ACTUAL Nazis only had to do so because the Nazis became a dangerous and tyrannical regime.

How did they rise to power? Well that’s a complex question but one aspect is that  they stopped others from speaking their ideas.

You don’t need to fear people with dumb ideas or bad ideas.

Eventually such ideas become so outdated anyone who holds them become irrelevant.

In other words, bad ideas fail.

Instead, you need to be weary of people who fear their ideals being debated. Who can’t tolerate an opposing view point and take any disagreement as a personal attack.

Alex Jones – Unperson – No Freedom of Speech

Alex Jones had some bad ideas. People on the left also have bad ideas too. Bad ideas don’t hurt people. Scarring and suppressing others from openly expressing their ideas does.

Sidenote, 1984 was supposed to be fiction, not a playbook.

I’m not pro Alex Jones, but the fact that media companies can collude to take a person with a significant online presence out is scary.


Because the rules are not enforced fairly. Either DEFINE THE RULES and enforce them for EVERYONE, or have no rules and enforce nothing.

It’s not good for the ideas that shape our society if our communications are filtered by a specific political agenda.

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  • Samuel
    September 9, 2018

    Thanks for explaining the importance of freedom of speech.

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