Why You’re Just Dreams and Talk

 Knowledge applied properly turns into a skill.

And the only thing that matters with your skills is the results you achieve with them. Read that again.

Only your results matter. For high achievers this is not a deep revelation, but for people who consider themselves to be smart, but wonder why they have not achieved what they want by now, it’s something to be stamped on the forehead so you stop blaming circumstance and luck. It’s YOU.

Become really good at what you do, whatever that is

When I was younger and dumber, I was focused on money and status. Not out of vanity, but because I wanted to be a success with all the trappings of success. What I did not internalize as a young man however was the concept that you MUST be excellent at what you do as excellent results give excellent rewards and mediocre results give mediocre results.

What this means is that you can of course make a lot of money if you become a stock broker or an super affiliate marketer or a lawyer… but if you don’t think you have what it takes to make it into the top 20% in those career field just give up.

Again, if you KNOW you will never be in the top 20% of a career field, don’t waste your time. Discover a path where you can eventually rise to the top. While some consider it a pithy statement or eloquent bullshit there is some truth with the quote:

You can’t achieve a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic

A strong work ethic comes about through a sense of purpose, habits, and the self belief in ones self that it will happen if you just keep working at it. “Working at it” however does not just mean doing the same thing day in and day out and wondering why you’re not getting results (this is defined as insanity mind you).

Why be in the top 10 or 20 percent? BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS

There is no money in the bottom 80%, and yet you might be close to breaking in the top 20% with a bit more of a “working at it” attitude applied intelligently.

You’re normally pretty close to being in the top 10 or 20 percent. You just need to improve one or two skills, and those skills are ALWAYS your weakest key skill. Think of it this way, what one key skill could you improve for your line of work at this time that would increase your income dramatically?

For me, my weakest skill online is website promotion. I don’t like doing it, it’s not something that interests me, I know how to do it because I know that no back link building will result in you having a website with a lot of content but no traffic, but it’s something that bores me to no end like mowing the lawn.

Your weakest skill sets the height of your income

That’s the unfortunate truth I’ve learned from my online work and it’s what holds me back and probably you too. You can can actually make more progress by coming up in your weakest skill to get results than vastly improving skills you’re already good at. We avoid the burdensome nature of doing things we don’t like, but realizing this, there is no other choice if your goal is to move forward. Move forward or quit. I will move forward.

Take comfort in knowing that everyone starts at the bottom

No one starts at the top or the middle, everyone starts at the bottom. EVERYONE.  It’s only through the process of learning, applying knowledge, and developing new skills does one move forward. Some will learn certain skills faster than others, but everyone can learn. It’s when you stop learning that you stop moving. It’s when you make a decision to do one thing, but then quit and begin learning another thing, only to quit and do something else yet again where you waste time and potentially waste years.

To get to the top 20% when you’re at the bottom is simple. Get in line and stay in line. To move forward in the line keep learning, apply knowledge and developing your skills. The results you get will tell what your weakest skill is, and that is where you need to improve on ASAP if you want to move forward in the line you’re in.

To start working for yourself you actually have to start working for yourself.

Doing the quite work everyday of learning and applying, learning and applying, learning and applying is the way to achieve your goals. To move forward in any entreprenurial activity or high paying career field is to simply get in line, stay in line, and move forward in the line. To move forward just learn and apply – emphasis on the applying part if your an information junkie like me. It’s a bad habit I always have to keep in check.

It’s not magic when you see people who are top performers in their career field. They worked to get their because NO ONE starts at the top or in the middle. Everyone starts in the back, at the bottom.The success habits that are implement are to quite things that don’t work, to double down on the stuff that does, and to learn and apply new ideas to help them move forward.

So when I check Facebook you know what I see? Mental masturbation. Quotes, links to self help articles, religious stuff about god taking care of everything. Feel good stuff. But where’s the work?

You know, I really hate that movie and book “The Secret”, talk about mental masturbation. It’s all think happy thoughts and things will happen by magic. They won’t.

There is some truth to the law of attraction, reminiscent of the old adage, “the harder I worked the luckier I got”. Circumstance will correct itself to help you achieve your goals, or sometimes it will seem like it tests you to see how bad you want it. It’s all about interpretation.

A Story

My old friend James was a guy I knew back in college. We would talk about different business ideas, how great it would be to do something online, and we would equate building a successful business to having a healthy normal sex life…let me explain.

When you’re a virgin, you can’t imagine having sex on a regular basis because it’s not something that is apart of your life even though you want it to be. Then, through learning and applying eventually you’ll find that you’re not a virgin anymore 🙂 You will get to a point in your life where you can’t even imagine not having sex on a regular basis. Having a successful business is akin to this.

So we both had jobs lined up after we graduated. I was off to PwC and he was going to work for Ernst and Young in New York. We both knew this corporate job stuff was not a good fit for how we wanted to live our lives as the years ticked away…so we both talked about how long we would stay and when we would take the leap into something that could support ourselves.

Then we started our working lives. James got a girlfriend, got and apartment, got nice clothes, went to work parties, spent all his money on drugs and alcohol in NYC. Fast forward a year later and I was in the situation to support myself form web design and some income generating properties. I was planning on leaving America and heading off to Asia with my then girlfriend…and I did, and it was transformative for my life.

James? James is still working in a cubicle.

He has a decent salary and can support himself. So it’s not as treacherous as being jobless. But he spends his time posting motivational quotes and pictures about living life authentically and chasing ones dreams. He talks a lot about how he would like to do now but can not because his life overhead prevents him.

James does a whole lot of mental masturbation because he never puts the work in. He never follows through on his personal plans. He likes to think a lot, but does nothing to manifest those dreams into reality. Just like having sex for the first time, it’s really difficult to make money online for the first time. But when you start earning an income, it DOES become a skill, it does become a thing that is apart of your life until you get to the point where you can’t even imagine yourself having a job.

So stop the mental masturbation.

Stop talking about what you would like to do.

You can’t build a reputation on dreams and talk.