Viral Content Buzz: Why Social is The New Backlink

There are plenty of ways to go about promoting your website, but one thing holds true.

viral-content-buzzIf it’s easy, if it can be replicated, it will be abused and search engines will hold those links with less value and authority.

This is why social is the new backlink BECAUSE …while yes you can buy Tweets and Facebook likes, getting real re-tweets and real Facebook likes from accounts deemed authoritative is difficult to get.  You actually need to produce something worth re-tweeting and worth liking. It’s these social shares now that demonstrate that a particular website is authoritative and popular (and is also why you need to get on, but more on that in a bit).

Look, it’s not 2005 anymore people. It’s not a period where you can fake your popularity by gaming the search engines outright. If you’re building a website you need to go about promoting it, but lazy cheap ways don’t work anymore. This includes your building of backlinks. Build not in a sketchy, spammy sort of way, but in a logical promotion minded “reaching my right people” kind of way. You also need to write content that it by itself has it’s own unique selling point.

Where to promote your website or blog


By far, one of the most under-rated promotion sources is YouTube because making videos is difficult, time consuming, and requires practice and decent equipment. Simply by making videos, even if it’s just a talk head video of you explaining something you will lay the foundations for a strong promotion tool down the road.


Forum links are weak links overall. But you should not be participating in a forum simply for a backlink. It should be:

  • To learn from people more experienced than you.
  • To understand your target audience a better.

I love going into webmaster forums because it gives me a first hand account into what the problem are that people deal with. This adventure into the problems new webmasters have when it comes to building their website and e-business gives me insight into what I need to provide in regards to content and training.

Kindle E-books

In the first few pages of your e-book, you can have a link to your website. When people preview your Kindle e-book they will see the link there, and they of course will see the link to your website in the Amazon description of your book. This combined with a highly rated e-book will be all the social proof anyone needs to know you’re the real deal when they then check out your online presence.


Much like YouTube, this one is always under rated because producing a podcast take time, effort, understanding, and equipment. Stop being lazy. Stop being self conscious of your voice. You’re podcast may bomb and get terrible reviews, but feedback helps you get better. Plus, it may be a hit, and just like YouTube, it could become the seeds for a long term promotion tool.

Protip: You need to be on two mediums if you’re building an online information business. So take your pick:

 text + audio | text + video | video + audio

Tutorial websites

Do you have a tutorial website like that teaches people how to do something technical? If so, submit your tutorial to any number of website tutorial directory websites. It gives you a link back to your website, and it also exposes your website to a new audience. A good place to start is

Portfolio websites

Did you know that their are websites that exist for the purpose oft showcasing the design work of other websites? If you have a killer design, why not submit your website to a portfolio website? Make sure your design though is up to standards because these sits have strict quality control. A great place to start:

E-mail marketing

Build an email list. You don’t even need to pay for a service when starting out. Both Mad Mini and Mail Chimp have free plans. The downside is you won’t have auto-responder access, but the upside is that you’re building a list and understanding how a list works. So when you do have a popular website and you are receiving lot’s of email opt-ins a day, you’re not going to totally clueless as to how an email list works like a deer trying to organize a pack of wolves.


Most disagree with me on submitting your website to directories, BUT they’re still worth it in regards to building a diverse link profile of links from many sources. Here is a list of quality directories that have not been penalized by Google made by SEOmoz. Directories are good first level links to a new website (just so search engines know you exist).

Getting published on other websites

Write guest posts for other websites. You can start off using  a website like for the first few months to build some solid links to your website and to reach a broader audience. There is also a high quality paid option called that allows you to submit gust posts to websites. Both of these have quality control, so if you’re thinking of submitting crappy 300 word articles or spun content, these sources are not for that. It’s for getting one guest post a week published on a website with authority, PageRank, and quality control over the content.

For more difficult websites, compile a list of potential website where you would like your content posted. Make a few comments on these sites, send a helpful email or two, re-tweet their content then reach out for a guest posting opportunity. This takes work, but even if it’s one high quality website a month, THAT will make an enormous difference with your websites growth. Particularly if you get published on a website with 15,000+ rss subscribers.

Now for a new source:


What is Viral Content Buzz?

Viral Content Buzz is a FREE social media promotion service that helps you build social proof to your published content. I’m normally not supportive of these types of services that try and manipulate rankings or popularity BUT Viral Content Buzz is different.

Social is the new backlink because it’s something you can’t fake or manipulate easily. This free service makes social sharing easy by having quality control in place over what gets shared, and rewarding you for sharing other peoples content.

How it works

When you sign up for a free account (yes the service is free, no hidden fees or up-sells) you earn credits by sharing content with your social network via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Stumbleupon.

What I like about this service:

I’m active on Twitter and I like to find new sources to share quality relevant content. I enjoy sharing awesome stuff as I’m sure most people do because it makes us feel smart and it makes use feel good because we’re providing value to people who are following us on social networks.

I use quite a few sources to discover quality content on a weekly basis. I’m signed up to a few newsletters, I check out websites I like to see if they’ve written anything worth sharing, and I have a few aggregated sources set up in an RSS feed to compile new content in an easy to view manner.

Viral Content Buzz is now another source for me to find quality content on AND I get rewarded for something I already do willingly.


When you share content, you earn credits towards having your own content shared. Depending on the authority and social following of your account, this will dictate how much it costs for you to get your content shared. For example, if you have 1,000 followers on Twitter,  someone has to pay you two credits for any re-tweets you decide to do. If you have 5,000 followers the cost is 5 credits.

Obviously, the stronger the following, the more easy it is to generate real social buzz. If I’m able to expose my content to someone with a following of 5,000, that will not only drive a small amount of traffic to my website, it will help that particular article get shared even more because people following this account will be more targeted to share it as well.

Quality control

The most critical built in feature about this service however is the quality control. Content you submit for social sharing is reviewed to check to see if it meets certain quality standards.

So no, if you sign-up you will not have to worry about being bombarded with a plethora of a silly 350 word articles written by an Indian about losing weight or SEO. You will not have to share low quality websites that are full of ads and devoid of personality. It will only be content you want to share, that you would share ANYWAYS… and it’s this quality control that makes Viral Content Buzz so successful in regards to promoting your website and building social proof (the social accounts too are reviewed to make sure their not bot accounts, inactive accounts or accounts with artificially inflated following).

Dashboard (an inside look)

This is the dashboard when inside Viral Content Buzz:


You can see on the left numerous categories exist where you can delve into as a way to find content worth sharing with your social following. The dashboard itself is also customized based on the categories you select. So as being the webmaster behind EOD Digital, I’m always interested in sharing design tutorials, plug-ins, WordPress themes, social media news etc.

What to do next

  • Sign-up for Viral Content Buzz
  • Submit all your social profile accounts. Your Twitter account, Facebook …whatever you want to use.
  • Choose the categories you want to see on your dashboard (yes it can be a bit confusing at first but just get it done).
  • Start sharing content and earning credits! Don’t go crazy mind you and annoy your following. Just share good stuff like you normally would.
  • Add your own published content for people to share. So when someone shares your content you pay them in credits, and you earn credits back by sharing content.

Why are you not on Viral Content Buzz? It’s a big opportunity so sign-up (and it’s free).

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share this on Facebook or Twitter. That small action exposes EOD Digital to a bigger audience and it only takes 20 seconds of your time :)

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