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You’re Here, Let’s Do This

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I don’t pretend to have all the answers. My goal is to simply publish ideas to help you to break free from past notions and concepts that are based on my experiences. My goal is to help you grow as a person as I grow.



Yes Please

  • Thank you for your work with Website Buddha and your blog and videos. It’s really helpful!

    — Marisa Nashan —
  • Found you through Instagram. You easily have one of the coolest designs around. Can’t wait to learn more from you.

    — Brad Opatz —
  • I’m one of your new subscribers! Actually really excited that I stumbled upon your site. I read your site because I like hearing frankness and enjoy reading your thoughts.

    — Emma —
  • I have just read your ‘breaking patterns’ blog post (ok, and a few regarding the interest of a particular male, also brilliant) and all I have to say is wow. And thank you! You manage to tell the truth, straight out, while also being inspiring and well, nice about it all.

    Seriously, I am going to break my patterns NOW. My lack of focus got so bad that I’ve actually started seeing a life coach. I could have saved £300 simply by just reading that post. I have always known that I do not want a ‘conventional life’ and you have just given me the kick I need to mix it up and START SOMETHING!

    Never underestimate the power your words can have on others.

    — Alyson —
  • Hey, David!

    I’m Priscila, from Brazil and I’m a new subscriber. Yey, not a stranger anymore.

    I’m writing to tell you I had been thinking about loneliness during the past few days and your message pretty much described my own thoughts!

    So, thanks, it was good to read someone’s opinion on a matter that had been on my mind.

    Keep doing a great job!

    — Pricilla Danna —
  • I recently came across your blog edgeofdavid.com, and pretty quickly realized we share the same ideals in life,
    that it should not be just about getting money, but also about enjoying what you do.

    Your comments about this topic especially inspired me as i recently set up a blog about teaching people to Web Programme, I however was not keeping up regular posting, but after reading your blog I feel that really I should get back on the band wagon and start again as it is, at the end of the day is what i like doing.

    — Rob Denton —

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David Briard is a UX web designer, minimalist, traveler of 20+ countries and the founder of numerous web properties like websitebuddha.com, a fast growing how-to/tutorial website for new WordPress webmasters.

If you’re wanting to learn how to overcome personal roadblocks so you can become that dynamic person who can achieve success online, this website’s for you.

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