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Why Your Dreams Will Turn To Ashes

To start working for yourself you actually have to start working for yourself.

Live the life of your Dreams or that of your Nightmares

Losers make excuses winners make progress

Thailand Police: The 5 Stunning Truth About Thai Police and How To Manage Yourself as a Foreigner

I’ve had numerous run-ins with the police in Thailand, and police in other South East Asia countries during my time living in this part of the world.

How To Fix a Relationship: Sometimes It’s Better to Be With Someone You Like, Not Love

I once heard a wise man say, “At the end of their life, no ever says, ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office!’ “Another one said that “Men and women can have it all – just not at the same time.”

Loneliness is Simply Resistance to Other People

Everyone feels lonely at times, but not everyone suffers from a chronic feeling of loneliness…

Learn From The Experts, Ignore The Biggest Loud Mouths

Naysayers are abound and they have stories.

How To Fix The Lost Feeling, That Lack of Interest and Excitement

Your thoughts help shape your reality. Understanding that is the first step towards fixing an uninspired life filled with a lack of interest.

Understanding Real Men: What Drives Them

Trying to learn the art of understanding men always boils down to understanding what drives us.

When He Becomes Your Boyfriend

For whatever reason, a lot of teenage girls find this site…